can i sand the paint of the whole slide

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  1. nerf955

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    and not void the warranty bought another jcp.40 and want to trick one out thanks in advance for all the wisdom
  2. freedom

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    You can sand the paint off the side. BUT if you are concerned about it voiding the warranty I would call Hi Point and ask them.

  3. +1 freedom

    If you keep the finish on the outside, you're probably OK; if you gunk up the inner works with unmasked spray: bad on you.
  4. I totally agree with what Freedom said. Call the factory and ask them what the warranty will cover.
  5. 1inthechamber

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    It doesn't void the warranty, atleast at the time I did it to mine. I called Hi-Point and asked. I don't know if they changed their policy or not.
  6. I would inquire by email so you can save the response. If you ever end up needing service then you have proof if they say its ok. You will have to shoot some pics step by step for us if you do it. Could make a cool tutorial!!!
  7. 1inthechamber

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    It's much quicker to call them. It's alot easier now that they have a toll-free number now. If you call, I'd get the name of the person you talked to.