Can replies to topics be numbered?

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    #1) Since our page length is so long now. Is it possible to add counts to each topic, so that each reply is numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...???

    Then people could easily direct people to reply #28 for reference. And/Or people could index their own topics if it has become very long in the case of a project log or similar.


    995 ATI Conversion
    #1-3 Initial Photos prior to the modifications.
    #19,22,25 - detailed take down photos
    #37-40 Recent photos are posted

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    #3.) LOL Sorry... I guess I don't know how to explain it properly.

    I was just wondering if each post in a topic could be sequentially numbered. Many other forums do this, and can help direct people to a particular reply in long threads.


    See my answer back on post#22
  3. #4) There you happy? :-D think that would be a long and tedious task as I don't believe there to be an automated way of doing it.
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  5. #6) OOOOOK....I see what you mean, I have seen that before, that would be a questions for Jones, but at this point I think that would be one to mention a few months down the road when all the big issues have been delt with that are encountered when starting up a privately hosted forum for the first time.

    PS you forgot your number.
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    to the best of my knowledge there is not a mod that can be done to a phpbb2 forum to do this. I could be wrong though lol.
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    Looks like it can be done... Good find pills! :wink: