Can you beat "Extreme Shock"?

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  1. Explosive Entry Fang Face Enhanced Penetration Round:

    The compressed Tungsten-NyTriliumâ„¢ Composite fragments upon impact, leaving a wound channel of catastrophic proportions.

    Personally, I can't think of a more ridiculous name or description of ammo off the top of my head, but I think it'd be amusing to see what we can come up with. Oh, and include a picture of a 505 lb. boar being taken down by a single 9mm round from a handgun like they did (I'm calling BS on that one, btw). At least not hunting... tie it down and shoot it in the eye socket, maybe.
  2. Ok, I got one.

    Poisonous Splinter Cell Ebola Round:

    Enclosed is a JBP (Jacketed Bio-Point) round, loaded up with 5 grams of premium ebola virus! It may not knock them down, and it may not ever achieve a "one-shot stop", but it's guaranteed to give any target it strikes a 98.7% chance of dying within a month unless they seek medical attention. Great for self defense in third world countries where such treatment facilities do not exist!

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    heard that mad cow disease was spread in england by the use of hyper velocity tainted airsoft rounds..... :twisted:
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    They also say it was used by the US military...HOGWASH we cant use hollowpoints in combat, period.
  5. That rumor came from a private contractor who supposedly used it over in Iraq. The supposed story was he shot an insurgent in the buttocks, there was a foot wide exit wound, and the guy dropped where he stood. I'm throwing the BS flag on that one.
  6. 4095,

    I believe you're a little off on the life-span of ebola. The CDC isn't worried about that one because it kills so fast. It basically turns your insides to mush and you start bleeding everywhere. Normally you're incapacitated within 48 hours and if you live a week, you're beating the odds. That is some very nasty stuff. I'd be worried about getting it from the bullets before I had the chance to use them!!
  7. Ok, so how about some form of measles or something. Sheesh, tough crowd tonight lol.
  8. No, actually the ebola is a good idea if you can insure you don't infect yourself!!
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    HCCANAPNINLNPR - The latest UN issued munitions...

    Humane, Civilian / Combatant Aware, Non-Armor-Piercing, Non-Incendiary, Non-Lethal, Non-Painful Round

    Developed in France, and never tested in combat because violence is bad and makes people cry.
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    I like the FART round myself, Flatulence and Resonance Tracer... Basically it's a modified phosphorus coated projectile that has a unique ribbed shape, which give it a rumble sound when it's fired, and upon impact it fragments into a cloud of flatulence... There's a few different types that you can get, you can get such as the "Steak wrapped in bacon", "Silent but deadly(sub sonic)", "The Ripper", and last but not least "The Wet One (Mists instead of clouds)" ... That my friend is how you get the enemy out of the bunker/trench.
  11. Oh c'mon man where's your sense of humor/comic relief lol.

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  13. I think ebola would be the more humane way to go. Gas is a NO!NO!
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    How about those compressed fiberglass rds? They'll give the target a nasty cough, and make them itchy enough to stop fighting back. :wink:
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    That's not entirely true. There are certain situations (such as hostage rescue, etc.) Where hollow points are allowed. I'll bet you a hunnerd bucks they aren't using this garbage though...
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    And why would we want to? FMJ kills much better than hollow points.
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    Now I KNOW you're trolling! :wink: