Can you dry fire a Hi Point?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Reviews & Range Reports' started by jbear, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. jbear

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    Looked in the stickys but didn't find anything.
  2. I have and mine still works but snap-caps are the way to go

  3. ArmyScout

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    The dry fire "no no" is primarily with rim fire guns.
  4. lklawson

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    Some center-fire handguns are not a good idea to dry fire either for various reasons. Kel Tec PF9 can hammer the rear of the firing pin into the firing-pin-retaining-screw and damage the threads if dry fired. The CZ-52 frequently had brittle stock firing pins and dry firing could break the firing pin because the forward shoulder of the firing pin impacts into the rear shoulder of the firing pin aperture in the slide.

    Some firing pins with a forward shoulder will impact the rear shoulder of the firing pin aperture in the slide (inside the firing pin channel), which can peen, wear, crack, or otherwise damage either the material of the slide at the aperture or the firing pin itself. Looking at the design of the firing pin on the HP handguns, I don't think that this is a particular problem.

    It should damage nothing to dry fire.

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  5. Browning 9 Guy

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    If dry firing were bad for Hi Point pistols, mine would have died long ago.
  6. HiPointArmorer

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    I took the mag safety out of my C9 Comp for this very reason. I've never used snap caps.
  7. elt51932

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    Yes, it won't harm the gun at all.
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    Which was completely unnecesary for this.
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    T he blocked us remember.
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    I don't care if he can see it. Everyone else can see it was completely pointless and might disregard his advise based on it serving absolutely no purpose.
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    He got real tired of removing the mag to rack it and inserting it to fire. You'd think an armorer of Hi-Point firearms would know to just pull the mag out a fraction of an inch. Guess they didn't teach that at armory school?
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    Yes. It is bad. It may not destroy the Solar System; however, you may knock the planet Mercury out of its orbit.:D
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    The Death Star they found or the moon scheduled to explode on Halloween?
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    Yea, hes a professional.
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    OK SWAGA that was a good one.:-D
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    No weapon should ever need dry fired. You ever throw your arm as if throwing a ball but nothing is in your hand? Remember the pain? (If you have an arm) Dry firing does the same to the firing pin of a firearm or the limbs of a bow. Just don't do it. Why would you want to? Use a pencil in the barrel fit the firing pin to at least hit the eraser.
  18. lklawson

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    Define "need."

    My arm isn't made of steel alloy.

    Several good reasons. The first would be to release the firing pin and spring pressure. Some guns even require this before disassembly. Another would be to rack up trigger practice without burning up expensive ammunition. Another would be as part of a function check on the firearm.

    Snap Caps are better.

    I think someone had a home-brew snap cap design for people who reload. My memory is hazy but I think it was something like 1) drill holes in the brass or otherwise indelibly mark it 2) seat the bullet using permanent glue and/or heavy crimp so it won't set back from multiple rechamberings 3) fill the primer pocket with hard type high temp hot glue (or something else, maybe).

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  19. moona11

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    I even use brass blueing to help people not mix them up. I use old primers
  20. lklawson

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    How well do they last compared to commercial snap caps?

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