Can you purchase a c-9 in New York State?

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  1. Fist let me say Thank you guys for all the information that I have found on Hi-point's. I was on the old board for a while, posted a bunch of times but read a lot more.I have re-registered on the new sight with the same user name.

    Yell my question is I have been trying to find a C-9 , or any High-point pistol in up-state New York and ethier they don't sell them or they say that they are not in New York state complience.I don't know what to think.

    Has any one else in New York state run across this before? Or am I just going to the wrong places?What if I purchased a pistol out of state and had it shipped to a ffl?

    Again thanks for all your help.
    This forum is one of the better one's .
  2. i dont know about New York gun laws. the only state i know that regulates guns is California. well here in PA, i'll only seen one place that sells hi points other than at a gun show. and even at the gun show only a couple of the stands had them about maybe 3 stands


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  4. shooter z

    Thanks for the info.I will keep trying to find one.

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    No problem also I don't know about NY but here in SC yopu can also find them in pawn shops as well. Good Luck in your quest for the perfect weapon :D
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    where in the upstate are you located?

    as a former dealer in NY I might be able to point ya in the right direction
  7. biganimal,

    I'm near Syracuse.
    I can't believe that I can't locate any.I have found 995's & 4095's but thats all.
    I have found a Ruger P95 DPR for $349 that I might get.
    yell I'm still looking.
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    I lived in Oswego/Fulton area for over 45 years, I know a lot of dealers in the area so I'll make a few calls to try to hook you up. when I get the info I'll PM ya...........

    you can buy one at at a reasonable price and have it shipped to a local dealer as long as you have a NY pistol permit.
  9. I have family in NY why is it that NY is such an anti gun state?
  10. A large percentage of our population lives in NYC unfortunately. That's the source of NY's anti-gun-ness... That, and Hillary is our senator.
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    Now Death Penalty, lets be fair about this...........

    I don't care for her or her politics but Hillary hasn't made any impact on gun laws in NY....YET!!! :D

    Ny has had a pistol permit system in place longer than any other state that I can think of. I believe it's been in place close to 50 years but I may be mistaken. Iwish we could blame her but the fault lies with many other dumba$$ politicians that came before her.

    the guns laws in NY do suck and thats one reason I why I closed my gunshop and "retired" to SC.
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    Alot of NYC's gun laws came out of the 1970's when the city was known as the most dangerous place in the Western World. Movies such as "Taxi Driver", "The Warriors" and all the Cop dramas of the era didn't help it at all. Alot of the laws (i.e. being illegal to have a permanent marker or aresol spraypaint can unsealed on your person within city limits) along with the strict gun laws were part of a program started in the late 80's to clean up the city.

    Personally, I think they went too far. Granted I only lived there for a year, I enjoyed it the most out of any city, but some of the joint has gone a little "Mickey Mouse", espeically places like Broadway....quite litteraly there.

    But, be it as it may, the murder rate dropped and regardless of the other laws, restructuring of the police departments and a radical "3 strike" policy by the DA's office, people still think that the gun law was a big reason. In fact, I honestly think it was the new regulations passed down to 2nd hand/3rd party gun dealers and pawn shops that did more to keep illegal gun transfers from occuring (which I think is an excellent side to the whole renovation campaign)
  13. Well guy's I went and bought the Ruger P95 that I was looking at.Very nice gun.It fits perfect in my hand.
    While I was there looking I also came across a Walter P22 that was on a one day sale.Yes I had to buy that one also.I can't wait to go shooting,if it ever stop raining here.
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    another reason I left Central NY