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I have a new 995.
I am taking it to the range Friday.
I plan on field stripping it completely to clean.
I watched a great video on Youtube.
I know many simply clean the barrel, spray the inside, wipe, etc.

Can you remover the receiver and carefully pivot it off and around the front sight without removing the front sight?

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I and Kyu came up with an answer.
You CANNOT remove the receiver without removing the front sights. It is a pain to giggle the receiver around the sight without scraping up things.

So, I am going to get a piece of 9/16 i.d. inner diameter vinyl tubing, then slice it down the middle with a razor blade.

Then, slide this sheath/protector/tube over the barrel so you can slide the receiver up and down away from the assembly to clean away the innards without scratching your barrel as well as not messing up your front sight adjustment.


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I should have specified more clearly. Sorry buddy. Glad all is good now!


p.s. per nick's suggestion I hereby change my original answer to "no" or "sort of" Also, Nick, :welcome: :)
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