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  1. Make your own .380 and Makarov brass out of 9mm casings using a case trimmer? We all know the case dimensions are only 1mm apart from each other, .380 at 17, Mak at 18 and 9mm at 19mm's. Are the case bases different dimensions to the point that trimming a 9x19 case down to 17 or 18mm would be unworkable in a pistol chambered for those rounds?

    If it would work, with as much 9mm brass as I have, I could trim some cases and have a crap load of ammo worked up for .380 and Makarov with nothing invested except for a good case trimmer and a decent set of calipers.

    I figure the only stupid question is one that's not asked, so there it is... Anyone have an answer for me?
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    the 380 ACP case head is way smaller than 9mm so thats a no-go from the start. I dont have a mak case to measure so in that respect i cant say one way or the other.


  3. Its a good idea, one that's surely been addressed before, I will crawl some sites at lunch and see if I can find anything
  4. Ok, so .380 is out.. not a big deal really. I don't have a penchant for that caliber anyway, but I do like my Mak alot, but ammo is rediculous, even for surplus. I think the surplus that I was buying went from $11.00 per 50 to almost $15.00 per 50. If I could make some Mak ammo on my own, that would save me a crap load in the long run.
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    I borrowed a box of mak rounds from my neighbor and did a littel mesuring. The case head diameter and overall case mesuments are the same, but there was a difference in the extractor groove. the groove on the mak round is deeper and longer than all the luger cases i looked at. Id trim a luger case to length, run it through a mak die, re-trim and try it with a light load. You arent out anything but a case if it doesnt work. Im betting the extractor slips off the side of the case.

  6. If all my stuff wasn't in boxes at the moment, I'd check it out myself. I do have a box of production Mak brass that I could compare to the Luger brass I have.

    The only thing I was curious about as well was what the differences in the case length from Luger to Mak, and if there was any overlap on OAL and case length according to the reload manual. If there was, then theoretically you could load ammo that was within standards for both weapons and use it in both guns interchangably. This is only if the minimum standards for the Luger is within the Maximum standards for case length and over all length of the Makarov rounds. It's a lame brained idea, but I figured it might work if the numbers work out.
  7. I met a gun smith and he's been a reloader for 35 years I"m gonna ask him tomorrow what he thinks he should know.
  8. That would be great Adam, thanks for asking. I was at the gunsmith's today to pick up my 1911, and I didn't think to ask him about it. Any outside information is welcome here.
  9. Did you find anything out Adam? I still haven't found my reloading manuals, otherwise I'd look it up myself.
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  11. Yep, here it is! Thanks Mike_AZ!

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  12. Hes suppose to be calling me Friday, I got him so curious hes checking into it and trying it out himself lol
  13. Sweet, let me know what he finds out.
  14. Back in the 80's and early 90's it was extremely hard to find 9x18Mak ammo, this was before Al Gore invented the internet, and when you did it was very expensive and corrosively primed mil-surp stuff. To overcome this I would take 9mm Luger cases and cut them down using a case trimmer for 9x18Mak after running the case thru the sizing die.

    IF you do this make darn sure you use something to stamp out the 9mm Luger markings on the case head. If you shoot 9mm and 9x18Mak it would be easy to get the cases mixed up unless the Mak cases were easily identified.