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  1. moona11

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    So I've been getting checked out for cancer on my tongue. Found out today I have cancer. I had a ft scan today to check if it's in my lungs or elsewhere. Those results are not in yet. On February 8th I have surgery to remove the cancer from my tongue. Also since its not fun enough. They are going to cut a patch out of my neck to try to replace the missing part of my tongue. And take out my wisdom teeth. So I might have spelling issues after losing all that wisdom. I will have a trachea for a few days since I will not be able to breath out of my mouth or nose.
    So I figured it was from chewing since 2nd grade. Nope. Wrong type of cancer. Well I was surprised quit chewing a few weeks ago. This sh1t sucks. I've done some bad stuff in life and never feared dying or really got scared. But telling your children what's going on has to be the worst thing I've ever had to do. It hurts my heart to look at them and Sarena and not know whats next. Will I see them grow up? Have kids. What about E how will she get by. So I'm going to fight this sh1t and kick it's ass. I'll be laid up a few months healing. Will have to go to physical therapy and speech therapy to learn to eat and talk again. O joy.
    I'm scared sh1t less... your part of my family and felt you should know. I love you asshats.
  2. moona11

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    E did buy me a cancer puppy. Not a sick dog a healthy one to "bring some sunshine into my life" her words not mine

  3. Visper

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    Moonz... that's is horrible. I am hoping and praying that they caught it early and it didn't spread anywhere else.

    Great attitude though, kick its freaking ass!!

    I don't know how I could tell my wife and kids, it had to be tough... just let them know your not going anywhere cause your going to win!!

    Good luck and keep us up to date. I will DEFINITELY keep you in my prayers.
  4. colthrash

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    our thoughts and prayers are coming your way...
  5. moona11

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    Will have to see after the surgery if chemotherapy or radiation or a new treatment is needed. Oh and they are taking my limp nodes out on that side.
    Thank Visper. Much appreciated.
  6. Rachgier

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    At least your talking will match your typing.

    Like I told you earlier. Keep pushing forward and focus on what you can do with your kids, not what you might miss.
  7. slade601

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    Wish you the best!
  8. OldOutlaw

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    She did a good thing getting you a puppy! It will give you some stress relief
    in hard times. You can ask my wife. Our dog brings happiness to my wife every day.
    She will miss him very badly all too soon.

    Our prayers continue!
    God Bless!
  9. rmuniz9336

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    Prayers and hopes with you. Get better.
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    We're here for you, brother.

    Going for that lizard style split tongue look?:p

    Better ask E before you make any commitments in that arena.:eek:
  11. undeRGRound

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    The @[email protected]$ love you too, they told Mole they did...
    Glad you used my wisdom tooth joke :rofl:
    As you already know, you are on the prayer list at Mole's church,
    for a couple of weeks, we will ramp it up. ;)

    That is LYMPH Nodes, doofus.
    You will still be able to walk Fine, OK! :D

    :rofl: She might like that! :D

    Moonzy, we got yer back, Brother. I know I don't cut you much slack,
    but I'll do whatever I can to help. We are your Extended Family, always
    remember that. In a few months we'll look back at this and have a beer
    in celebration! :D :D :D
    I cannot make it up to meet you guys in person, until maybe in a year
    or so, so do we got a deal??? Summer of 2017, OK? :D I'll give my
    Queen "E" a big sloppy kiss and kick you in your a$$ THEN!!! :rofl:
  12. Atomic_Ed

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    Stay positive my friend. I went through the cancer thing last year and I came out the other end free and clear.

    My advice is to research the available surgeons and don't just simply take the one "assigned" to you. I rejected the surgeon that was to do my surgery since he was in his 60s and had only done 150 surgeries and an 80% success rate. Finally found one who has done 1200 surgeries, had developed several of the new techniques, 93% success rate, and was the chief surgeon at a hospital 4 hours away.

    Well worth the effort to do the research and travel. My recovery was half of what my neighbors was for the same surgery.
  13. sarahsmom

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    Moons, I will be praying for you, big time. My thoughts and prayers for E and your family, too. And for all of you - comfort, strength, and serenity.
  14. Hansj3

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    Man that sucks.

    I work in healthcare, in a supporting role, and I've come to be desensitized to an array of maladies, but the big c always makes me stop and think. No matter the size or severity.

    All the best
  15. When it's all the rage with Hollywood stars and starlets we can say it all started here.:)

    On the serious side, we'll keep you and your family in our prayers.
  16. tomtull

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    Wow Moona11,I hate ta hear that,prayin for ya,wish ya the best,they have some amazing treatments these days,wish ya a speedy recovery
  17. ratchowmein

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    Stay positive Mr Moon, you Are going to kick the crap out of this cancer!
  18. desertrider

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    Very sorry to hear about your situation, moona11. My thoughts will be with you and your family and hope that you all stay positive and strong as you fight this.

    Kick its ass, moon. Give it all you've got and don't stop. As a community, we'll be here to support you.
  19. SWAGA

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    All the strength to you Brother Moon!!!
    Look on the bright side; it coulda been yer nuts...besides you'll learn to talk like a Southerner now.
    West Virginia coal miner accent is gonna be my guess ;)
  20. lsi1

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    good luck moonz go give cancer the biggest sack kick you can.