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  1. Anybody have the canik tp9 sa . I'm really thinking about getting one . I know people are crying about the decocker on YouTube
  2. I considered buying one a couple years ago, the gun is a bargain. I am always concerned about warranty though. What if I got a lemon. With Glock, S&W, Ruger, Hi Point and many others that is not a problem. Grip is kinda large/long for concealed carry. Not a problem for us, but for those conceal only folks I suspect it would limit carry. For OC at that price it would be a great starter pistol.

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    I don't have a TP9, but I bought a C100 about a year ago and I love it. Well built and reliable. If you're concerned about the warranty, you can buy form Buds and get their lifetime warranty.
  4. This would mostly be a range gun for me . They changed the grips on the new one and it's a little bit bigger
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    I heard the TP9 has a pretty bad trigger. Why not get a S&W SD9VE? The trigger is still not great but S&W warranties their guns for life, sells the SD series with two mags, and it will hold value better.

    I've got the C100 and L120 from Canik and they're awesome but if you're going striker fired and on a budget, the SD9 is a hard gun to beat.
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    Gives a fairly unbiased opinion, I think.

  7. I watched his new video and he bashing it
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    i have heard all good things about the tp9sa if its a range gun or even a home defense gun the decocker would not concern me in the slightest.
  10. I agree just learn how to use the gun