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Cannot Believe What A nightmare This Carbine Is, Help!

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Brand new 4095. Trying to field strip to clean barrel before first firing. Disassembly would be complicated enough compared to other weapons but the two shroud pins and clips are near impossible. Took me an hour to finally rotate the clips initially and scratched up the weapon a few places. After that disassembly went fine. Seemed to reassemble easily enough but, when I went to do function tests I cannot get the bolt to lock back. In fact it is very difficult to get the bolt to slide back at all, requires a great deal of effort.Figured I would disassemble again but cannot get the pins out. They will not depress at all and the clips will not rotate. I'm stuck. Anyone know what to do?
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I'm not gonna bust your balls, Bob, but welcome. Now, read the manual, then go online and watch disassembly/assembly videos of Hi-Point videos to see what you did incorrectly in taking a HP apart, then reassemble the right way and take your time.

One easy thing to look at and that is the cocking handle. You could of installed it on backwards. Wouldn't be the first to do this. If installed incorrectly, it will lock up and make it seem like the bolt is not working correctly. It'll also scratch and remove the paint within the area too.

In the mean-time, load up the magazine(s) with ammo and give a couple squirts of oil/dry lubricant and let the mag sit loaded, to soften the spring tension.

If it doesn't work for you, you can call MOM (HP customer service) and arrange a return of the carbine to them to fix and test for free. HP has the best warranty in the industry. Just ask what their repair time frame is since they've just come off the holidays and they might be heavily backed up right now and when would be a better time to send in.
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