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Cannot Believe What A nightmare This Carbine Is, Help!

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Brand new 4095. Trying to field strip to clean barrel before first firing. Disassembly would be complicated enough compared to other weapons but the two shroud pins and clips are near impossible. Took me an hour to finally rotate the clips initially and scratched up the weapon a few places. After that disassembly went fine. Seemed to reassemble easily enough but, when I went to do function tests I cannot get the bolt to lock back. In fact it is very difficult to get the bolt to slide back at all, requires a great deal of effort.Figured I would disassemble again but cannot get the pins out. They will not depress at all and the clips will not rotate. I'm stuck. Anyone know what to do?
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Well that's what you get for not just taking it out and shooting it before you decided you should tear it apart. The carbine isn't the problem... The nightmare is your lack of foresight.

Number one, there is no such thing as a field strip of any hi point firearms. Two. Hi Point themselves say not to clean it but every few thousand rounds. Three. You'll need to give us some more information.

How far did you take it apart? Did you use the handy-dandy IPB from hi point? Put an empty mag in it and see if the LRHO will engage. Otherwise the charging handle is the lockback mechanism for the bolt. Make sure it's on that bolt with the narrower end in because that fits in to the round hole at the end of the slot in the cover.
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Those clips will move, you just need to put more ass in to it. Are you using the supplied takedown tool or are you trying to pry on them with something else? Brass or nylon punch and a few taps with a hammer will rotate the clips. Use a flathead screwdriver en lieu of a punch if you don't have the appropriate tools. You've already ruined it with an idiot scratch its not like you have to worry about ruining the finish. Get the cover off, reinstall the charging handle, and function test it again.
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