Can't believe This happened at my local VA today

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    A friend of mine told me about some health warning he himself heard about at VA Loma Linda . Well seems that a health care worker there not sure of department , clinic or module felt very ill but refused to seek medical attention . This went unnoticed for 5 months until this health care worker finally sought medical attention

    This is we're it gets crazy , this worker ended up testing positive for TB or Tuberculosis !!! . Now during this 5 month time period this worker came in contact with almost 2k Veterans . The higher up's at this facility notified the proper authorities such as county health and other agencies

    What they're doing Now is letting all Veterans know of what's going on such as the dates of possible infection which is June 1rst 2015 thru October 27th . Also they're sending out letters to eat of these Near 2k Veterans telling them what's to do . They also mentioned these immunizations to counteract the virus and are free

    Now this is where it gets interesting for myself , I've been going to this VA almost daily since January 2015 . Also I was in the VA Hospital for a revision surgery on my r/knee from July 8th thru July 24th 2015 . They just started mailing these letters to the possible infected Veterans yesterday

    Since my friend told me about this yesterday and confirming it today at the VA I've been trying to figure out if /when I may have come in contact with this healthcare worker
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    Wow......... I don't know where to start on this one.

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    Do your homework on the "immunizations" if you are one.
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    Wow. That sucks. Sounds like the VA handled it properly, however.

    I understand why the infected person may not have done anything. Our society admires and lauds people who harden-the-#u^&-up and push through just "feeling a little bad." And it's darned inconvenient to be sick. You lose time from work and it usually costs you money. Last time I had a cough I worked through it for about 2 weeks because I believed it was most likely just a combination of a cold followed by seasonal allergies. After 2.5 weeks, I decided "enough is enough" and got it checked out, which was, of course, massively inconvenient. Turns out I had had a cold virus which had been followed by seasonal allergies which, in turn lead to acute bronchitis. The proper application of a cough suppressant which was stronger than OTC stuff, some time, and standard OTC allergy meds cleared it up in another week or two, though I was still very vulnerable to coughing due to cold air.

    My point is that I can understand why the infected person may have decided to try to work through it and that it was probably no big deal.

    Unfortunately they were flat wrong and doing their best imitation of Typhoid Mary. :(

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    I bet you it's a phlebotomy technician , I've seen them walking around the hospital with masks on . I know they hate being called a Vampire
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    Why ???? Please enlighten us with your theory on him becoming autistic or retarded from the shot. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::foilhat::foilhat::foilhat::foilhat:

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    It's whatever the chief of infectious diseases at the VA thinks what's best
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    Isn't that how you became a taco? [​IMG]
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    Yep ;-) it is
  10. Oh, that's good. Real good! LMAO