can't believe what i found at my Walmarts ammo case this morning

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    how about (6) 250 rd count boxes of UMC 40 S&W ammo , (8) boxes of WWB 40 S&W and an additional (2) 100 rd boxes of WWB 40 S&W JHP . Even though i don't have a firearm chambered in 40 S&W i've never seen that much ammo available at one time for pistol caliber ammo

    found that much ammo there at 8Am this morning and went back by there at 8pm tonite and none of it was sold !!! . Could be because they wanted $97 per box for the 250rd count of UMC and $47 per box for the WWB JHP . Even the 100rd count WWB FMJ was $35 ea
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    Here the Wal-Mart has a GLUT of all ammo with the exception of .22. The 250 packs of UMC in 9mm, 40 and 45. The case is so screwed up with calibers all stacked around in no order. 223 is in from 20 rd boxes up to the ammo cans. But they do have ALL the calibers from 25 to 454.

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    The plentiful supply of 40 S&W ammunition is one reason why I kept a handgun in that caliber, and why I added a HP 4095 to my arsenal. The 40 is snappy in a handgun, but not in a carbine. Thankfully, stopping to reload magazines keeps me in budget at the range.
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    Judging from the title I thought you'd found some .22LR. Recently (last couple months) my local Walmart has been having UMC 250 round boxes in various calibers nearly every time I go in. I forget what their price is on 9mm and 40, but if I recall correctly their .45 is priced at $118 a box or just over $ .47 a round and by the time tax is added it brings it to about $ .50 a round.
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    Seeing 9mm and .40 on the shelves here is pretty common. They are getting Federal and Winchester a couple times a week. They have been getting .22 bulk packs in also. You just have to hope you beat the hoarders who are most likely kickin back some cash to the employees that are giving them a heads up that it's there. Sadly.. this is happening.
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    I bought one of those UMC 250 packs of 9mm a couple of months ago for $77.xx + tax.

    I haven't fired any of it yet, because all my mags were loaded with some other brand. They are now loaded with the Remington UMC. All 13 mags worth.
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    40sw cost 50% more than 9mm so it seems. At my Walmart the UMC 250 of 9mm was $64 and for the UMC 40sw was $94 (prices rounded up).

    I bought the 40sw UMC 250 pack because the guy in front of me grabbed the 9mm UMC 250 pack. There was only one pack of 9mm while there were 3 40sw packs and that's early in the morning.
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    There seems to be a good supply of every round but .22 lately.
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    Nope I haven't seen the 22s anywhere.
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    Got a brick of Winchester white box 22 lr at Academy this morning, which led to a stop at the LGS on the way home, which led to a new rifle. Most expensive brick of Winchester bulk I ever bought.
  11. The few times I have been to Wally's there has always been lots of 9mm, 40, and 45.

    where is the .22?
  12. 40 S&W was probably one of the most available handgun calibers during the ammo crisis last year.
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    It was and still is. 9mm is still hard to come by.
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    I bought both my HiPoint 4095TS and my Taurus PT740 (sorry, the JCP 40 is just too big for CCW) for a different reason but both of the above comments point to what the real reason has turned out to be!!!

    At my local WalMart, when the ammo case is or has been, all but bare, it's unusual not to find a box or two of .40cal S&W on the shelf. True, it's a bit more expensive than the 9mm (~50% more), about the same as .380ACP (if there's any) and less than .45ACP (which there's usually plenty of too).

    RE: .22cal, went to a "man cave" sale a couple weeks ago where the guy had several "bricks" of Federal .22cal for sale @ $54 each! I thought to be a bit high and told him so. He said he was only making $9/box (~20% markup). When WalMart has them they've been running ~$25/brick. I passed on his "deal".
  15. had to go to the Evil Empire today for a couple of things, so of course I went by sporting goods to check out the ammo situation. There was a lot of all popular calibers, plenty of it.
    Except for the Holy Grail of bewlitts, not a box to be had.
  16. Our local hardware store finally got some 22LR in, CCI Mini Mags, $18.95 for 100 rounds. I think I'll let him keep it since he obviously values it so highly.
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    I paid $74.52 for 250 rounds of 9mm UMC just yesterday at Wal-Mart.

  18. IIRC there were 50 rd boxes of Privi 9 mm for 14.95 today. The other prices seemed to be what I expected
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    I have two Walmarts nearly equidistant to one another. The east Wallyworld has maybe one box of the cheap 9mm ammo, the west store is typically stacked with everything (except 22LR). Crime wise, the east store is in a much rougher area of my city. We don't have many shootings in Fort Wayne, but it's more dangerous there.

    Anywho... It still can be a wasted trip, so I tend to buy in bulk online, unless I'm in store for whatever other reason.

    I gave up on finding 22LR in any local store. It's late June '14, and still have yet to see any bulk pack of 22LR. Maybe I'll see a 100 round box of match grade or ratshot.
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    Good thing I don't have a 22. I'd be going crazy finding some and I won't pay their inflated prices either.

    I have an 9mm pistol and a 40sw pistol & carbine. I pretty much always find 40sw and only an occasional 9mm.