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    I recently bought a Zastava M88A pistol, and for the most part, I really like it. I do have one problem in that it tends to shoot about 6 inches low at 30 ft. Windage is dead on, but elevation is off. Reading on the internet, it seems to not be uncommon; most people just file down the front sight to fix the issue.

    I didn't really want to mess with my factory sights, but the uncommon dovetail size makes buying aftermarket sights difficult.

    I contacted both Zastava and Century. It appears Zastava is prohibited by law from exporting parts to end users, and Century has yet to reply.

    While cleaning my M48 Mauser, I noticed that the sights seemed very close to what I needed. I removed the sight from my pistol and measured all the dimensions (see attached). I found a Mauser Front Sight Blank online, and it's close enough that I think I can reshape it to my needs with a Dremmel and file. What are your thoughts or suggestions.

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    Not to rain on your parade but are you sure it's not your shooting or sighting technique?

  3. mr_flintstone

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    I don't think so. As a test I tried my Tristar C100. It's the closest I've got to the caliber, size, and shape of the M88A. All the rounds from it were clustered around the center of the target. Never had this problem before with any of my other pistols. In any case, that's why I didn't want to mess up the factory sights.
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    I say go for it, but i would just file down the original front sight.
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    Since you are asking this in the Gunsmith thread, I'll give you a gunsmith answer. :)

    I would remove the front sight, cut the dovetail to a standard dovetail size and then select the front sight that I want from standard sights that available. ;)

    Any gunsmith can cut the dovetail for you, or if you know how you can do it yourself. Brownells has cutters and is where I get the bulk of my gunsmith tools:

  12. SWAGA

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    Not every guns' sight picture is the same is all I'm saying ;)
    Kirk posted several times about military sights on the 1911.
    Using them like 'regular' sights would lead to shooting low.
  13. mr_flintstone

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    It's understandable to think this would be the problem. I fired about 150 rounds total testing whether I was pulling the gun, and that may yet be part of the problem, but I don't believe so. Also, I understand that sight diffeences, especially with foreign guns, can cause you to hit high or low. If that is the problem here I would be fairly surprised.

    To zero the point of impact on the paper, I have to put half of the front blade above the rear sight. If I aim this way every time I can shoot a 2-3 inch pattern in the bullseye at about 25 ft. That's what led me to believe that the sights were the problem.

    Another thing that I haven't completely ruled out is the fact that this little gun has about a Really Heavy trigger pull. I haven't measured it, but I'd say somewhere around 12 to 14 pounds. It gets most stiff when the trigger stirrup starts to release the hammer. So much so that even with a smooth slow relaxed trigger pull, I can see where I might be tipping the nose a little just as the trigger breaks, and just not noticing. Especially with the straight up and down grip angle.
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    Confession time:
    I shot a foot low with my M57 so on a fit I sold it at a gun show.
    I'm now convinced it was me and looking for another one in that great condition since.....:(
  15. lklawson

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    SWAGA is right. I was having exactly the same problem with my new Remington 1911R1. The gunsmith I took it to to have the rear sight replaced is also a NRA Certified Handgun Instructor Trainer (he teaches the NRA Handgun Instructor classes and certifies new Handgun Instructors). After shooting it himself, what he told me is that it was sighted in to a Center Hold, which is a "combat sight picture" intended for COM sighting, not target shooting.

    This is exactly what I wrote in your other thread where you first asked about the M88A and blazinbrazer referenced the issue:

    Now, truthfully, I don't fault you for wanting to change the sight picture to a more classic Target style. But from what I have learned, there's nothing wrong with how the gun is sighted in, it's a problem with our expectations.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    NE Utah
    My P38 shoots the same way, you have to put the blade right through the bull to hit it.

    You can see the first few shots low, then the rest up higher. Blade in the way makes it hard to hit the bullseye, but it hits the target just fine. And yeah, I pulled one.:eek: