cant deceide

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  1. Going to a gun show this weekend trying to figure out what to buy 9c or 40 sw, already have a sigma 9mm and a 995. I am looking to buy a 4095 too swaying toward a 40 sw combo handgun/carbine.
  2. Krippp

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    well let me vote a positive for the s&w sw40ve sigma

  3. The JCP40 and the 4095 make a good pistol/carbine combo at a decent price.
  4. I have that pair and like them both.
  5. Kyu

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    for the price, get 'em both!
  6. neothespian

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    I'm partial to my C9, but I've yet to fully fire my .40 HP since fixing it, so I'm not a partial judge.

    I say balance the checkbook and see if you can get both. I did!
  7. If you've already got a 9mm luger then get the .40.
  8. don't have the 40 carbine........ but I do have the 40 hand gun. It sits quietly in one room of my house ready to serve and protect. I hadn't touched her for literally 3 months or more, before taking it for a spin the other night to cycle the ammo. With no sighting or practice I was able to drop 3 mags in a 2 inch circle at 30 feet. One right after the other.... Was like shooting through warm butter......... I call it my brick, but golly what a gun.

    You WON'T be disappointed with the 40.