can't decide on what AR to get !!

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    looking at either of these a AR chambered in 5.56 with a 1-7 twist barrel or a AR chambered in .308 . I think the AR chambered in .308 will be more fun as it has more knock down power and you've got a rifle capable of 800 yards or more
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    SR-25 all the way.

  3. I'm also looking to buy a ar-10. Thinking I'm gonna go dpms recon but there are so many options for both platforms I don't think it matter which way u go I just like the bigger faster bullet.

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    i really like the S&W M&P 10 that is on sale at my LGS right now selling for $1250 ,also this rifle has a nice write up/review in Guns& Ammo AR15 magazine . The magazine article states you easily can get 1" groups at 100 yrds
  5. If you buy an AR-10 can you buy a 5.56 upper and barrel?
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    They are different
  7. I would go with buying a good lower , and a rock river upper. I have a cmmg lower with a basic trigger and standard buffer. No problems. I found building the gun with complete or bare components is cheaper and better.
    Have you thought about going with the AR-15 and getting an upper for 300 blackout?
  8. I got a dpms recon 308 about a year ago its great , 4 of got dpms ar all the same time no problems.

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    don't want to build one as of right now !!
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  11. If you dont mind spending the money on .308 ammo. IT will be superior to 5.56 in just about every way, besides CQB stuff.

    But i know you already have a good 500yd savage .308 so if your looking for more high speed shooting short distance. 5.56 is much easier on the wallet
  12. Bah just reload then 308 wins in every field u can just down load it.
  13. I will second your opinion of the M&P 10. I got mine for $1349 on sale last year and have only put around 500 rounds through it, but it is a complete animal. If you have a .223 AR already, then get the M&P 10. If not I wouldn't get a .308 caliber AR until you have a .223, as realistically the AR10's just aren't as practical as the .223's. While I love my AR10's, they are heavier, hold less ammo, and unless your out in the middle of nowhere will find that 100 yard shooting with an AR10 just doesn't feel right. My AR15's are setup for 100 yards with Aimpoints, but I have magpul flip up iron sights on them that I can see through the scope in case of battery failure. My AR10's both of Leupold scopes and are sighted in for 300 yards. Around me there isn't much past 300 yards that is going to present itself with a shot so thats why I chose that range. Goodluck on whatever you decide. ;)
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    Colt Le 901 16s is an ar 10 but comes with an attachment to use a 5.56/.223 upper

    Of course it is two grand though...
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    I agree, get the AR 1st. These are rapid fire machines, even if they are semi-auto. Compare .50 cents a round VS to .75 cents. 100 yards VS 500 yards. You already have a fine 308 caliber rifle. Besure to get the AR you want, or think you want the 1st time?
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    NE Utah
    The .223 won't beat your old shoulder up.;)

    The AR10 won't kick like your Savage, but it's not gonna be a .22 either.:p
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    with my Savage .308 and with the Boyds stock extra thick butt pad and a muzzle brake it feels like i'm shooting a .223 ,there is no felt recoil !!! :D
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    Don't think you could go wrong with any of your choices. Me? I think I would go with the 1/7 twist 223/5.56.
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    I like my S&W M 15 Sport most accurate gun next to my Henry 22
    Target shown 50 yds with iron sights cant get much better than that
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    looks like that is what i might do !!!:D