can't figure out Calif gun laws !!!!

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    okay i know i live in Calif and we've got some stupid gun laws and some don't make sense . We've got a Bullet Button law that is a device placed over the actual mag release making it harder or more difficult to remove mags quickly and are only on semi auto rifles

    Well looking thru my LGS website last night i found these and according to the mfg it makes for quicker/faster/easier removal of a mag from a bullet button equipped rifle ,but these somehow are calif legal

    here's the same tool from the mfg and yep it's a tool used to make using a Iphone easier to use ........go figure !!!!

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  3. They should just accept the loss on this law, and wipe it from the books

    All it does is impede you guys, and make them look dumber.

    every law they enact makes them look worse. Because it never results in less crime
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    Like it's been said a billion times, "Because criminals don't obey laws. Law abiding citizens do". But they'll never figure that one out.
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    It's just a nifty looking ring that makes texting easier....what can they really do? Its not a gun modification in any shape or form because it doesn't attach to the gun, or alter anything about it.

    That's like saying you changed the steering wheel in your car by putting on driving gloves.
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    I can sum up California gun laws very easily.


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    Those picks make changing mags so much faster almost like there isn't a bullet button
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    let me 'splain cali gun laws

    1) find a hot button topic
    2) exagerate the issue
    3) redirect, and rephrase the issue until it makes no sense
    4) claim its for the kids
    5) pass a dumbass law
    6) claim victory and run for re-election