Can't fix stupid - accidental shooting

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by ArmyScout, Aug 26, 2014.

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    And here's the video ( not graphic)

    Should have let her shoot semi auto for a while.
    It just twisted in her hand as she had no idea what to expect.
    Poor girl, traumatized for life.

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    NE Utah
    Holy cow. That's just ignorant.:(
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    I feel for the little girl and what this idiot did to her. Yes I am blaming the instructor what he did was completely stupid. There is no way most children could safely controlled an Uzi at full auto.
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    Totally the instructor's fault. He probably had a momentary lapse of judgement. I suspect he was trying to be helpful and teach this girl some shooting skills, better introduce her to the shooting sports, and give her a fun experience by letting her shoot a nifty firearm. I doubt he was a bad person and probably wasn't dumb. He just forgot to think that this was too much gun for too little of person and things went pear-shaped.

    Sucks all around.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Didn't this happen a couple years ago? If it didn't, there was almost an identical incident a couple years ago.
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    I recall someone giving a woman a super magnum handgun of some sort which she fired once and the recoil flipped it up under her chin while the torque on her finger pulled the trigger a second time.

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  9. Of course this is all over the mainstream media as anti gun leverage.
    I posted on Washington Times article comments. That this isn't even a 2nd ammendment issue. Or gun control issue. And am getting blasted as an ignorant fool
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    Short Uzi's pull up, and to the left.....just like that, if unsupported.
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    They're desperate.

    Last statistic I saw quoted at me had it that somewhere north of 40% of the U.S. are gun owners (probably was actually 40%+ of households, but whatever).

    In combination with fence-sitters, that's enough to stymie most gun control measures that require votes. They have to figure out a way to change the perception of guns and this is all they've got at the moment.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I've shot an Uzi full auto but it had a remove able but not a folding stock.
    Shooting right handed it went up and left.
    The girl was shooting an Uzi with a wire folding stock that I have no experience with.
    But since she is angled to the target it looks like she has the stock almighty angled to the left also which could amplify the left turning tendency.
    Just Monday morning quarterbacking here.
    I'm curious about the instructors work schedule; how many hours in the last week? Last 48 and 24 hours?
    How many instruction sessions that day? In the heat?
    Shows that a minor lapse in judgement can be fatal.
  13. I really hate all of the gernalizations. "no one should let a kid touch a weapon"

    MILLIONS upon millions of kids have been taught to shoot long before they were 12. There is a right way, and a wrong way.

    honestly i don't feel this was all that wrong. its a terrible accident. But they were under high supervision. a 9mm in a larger frame like that is seen as a low recoil. and she was probably familiar with single shot guns back home. if the instructor hadn't made that mistake. it would have been a great lifetime memory for that little girl.
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    I remember a boy in ...Massachusetts, Connecticut?

    Who shot himself with an Uzi at full auto. At a demonstration at a range.

  15. bluharley

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    Why put an UZI in the hands of 9y/o?

    I just don't get it. the girls obviously doesn't have the muscle strength or control for a gun like that. They changed their policy now, but damn. That is just plain stupid in my view.

    EDIT: I didn't see this thread, started my own, and it was merged here. But yea, I call it stupid.
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    Crying shame. I don't know a 9 year old that can shoot a full auto, period. 10 is awfully young for most to handle anything but single shot. Semi-auto needs a couple years, in my opinion.

    This is definitely a reminder for me as I bring up my children to train, train, train, train.
  17. Bull

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    Why would you put a full mag in for her..... Stupid.....
  18. SWAGA

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    Because shooting full auto with an empty mag is a bit of a non-starter Bull..:rolleyes:
    The whole deal is that range advertise with full auto shoots and that's what people go there for.
  19. Bull

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    I get it.... But how bout working up to a full mag.... Like two or three bullets to start.