Cant Get My .40 Sighted In

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by metalmulishamunky, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. I've tried and tried and I can't seem to get my .40 sighted in. I've cranked in the rear screw as far as it will go and the gun still shoots about 6-7 inches low at 15 feet!

    has anyone else had/solved this problem, could I possibly solve it by changing over to the ghost ring?
  2. I haven't had this problem. Give it a try though, nothing like old fashioned trial and error. If you want to save money on ammo, buy a laser bore sight. My Dad has one and every time I use it, it is right on the mark when I go to the range.

  3. Are you using a rest? Do you have access to a Bore Sight?
    You could also let someone else shoot it to see if it is you or the gun.

    Also, if the gun is shooting low, are you raising or lowering the rear sight?
  4. That or get someone else to shoot the pistol and see if it may be something that you are doing that is causing the pistol to hit low.
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    If you screwed the sight screw all the way in you are going the wrong way. Try screwing the sight screw out.
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  7. good input from all......... my input - return your sites to center and center. get to a range with a rest and start over. My 40, and I think most of the ones here are real tack-drivers. So, start over, it won't take long and you'll be saying things under your breath like, "Holy Crap!!!!!"
  8. With my .40, I was just shooting and working on not limp wristing, and wasnt even really aiming and then I noticed how tight of a grouping it was making on the target, and I thought to myself, "Self, this is a keeper" ;)
  9. A friend of mine bought the 45 Hi-Point and was constently shooting low and to the left. I shot it and hit dead on. He thought it was his sites, but I ran 2 mags through it and hit my mark every time.

    We have figured it is his posture and grip that is causing his problem.

    As some have suggested let someone else shoot it and get it sited in. Then you shoot it. If your not hitting the mark, then have them watch you while you are shooting. You are most likely gripping to hard and stiffening up thinking about recoil.
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    I shot my .40 (and the 4095) for the first time this weekend at my buddies house. The first thing I noticed is that it is time to get glasses!!!! I started off at about 35-40 yards with the pistol and fired through a full mag. My eyesight is just blurry enough that I didn't realize I was missing the target altogether. My buddy watched me do it too! He (LEO btw) took it and fired a few shots up closer and the sighting was pretty close. It took me about another 50 rounds to correct my technique and get it sighted in better. Having someone else shoot it is a very good idea.
  11. thanks for all the input guys, next time I go out i'll be sure to try this stuff
  12. I have the 40 and it took awhile to sight it in. If you want to bring the shot up, you need to move the rear sight up. When the rear sight is raised you have to raise the tip of the barrel to get them to align therefor raising your shots on the target. Good luck and enjoy the 40!!!!