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No HP's at a descent price in this town..so I went looking for a real deal, and found this, a S&W 3913T 9mm 8 +1 and put it on lay away with a couple of bills down.Gonna pick it up in April.Till then my T' model 85 will do.

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When you can't find something you like locally, try gunbroker. If you are persistent, you can find what you are looking for.
You can save a list of searches that you can access from your account management page there, so you can just log in once every other day or so, and quickly check on what is available

Just for example, I'll post a few Hi point auctions I ran across in a quick search.

139 buy it now, plus 25 shipping. Even if you can't find an FFL who won't stick it to you with the transfer fee, you should be able to get this for close to $200. Thanks to my low priced transfer guy, I could have this one in hand for $184. Fair.
159.95 buy it now, plus 25 shipping, plus transfer fee. My regular dealer only charges me $20 so that would be a 205 dollar .45, I figure that is probably fair in the current gun buying climate.
250 buy it now, plus 25 for shipping plus the transfer fee. It is more than I would pay, but if I didn't have one already I might go there, if I had to have one just this minute.
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