Can't own a gun and be a prosecuter in New York!

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by monsterdawg, Sep 28, 2015.

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    IMO, no politician should be allowed to own a gun or have security that carry's a gun. They deserve nothing more than the average citizen can legally have, carry (OC or CC), afford, regardless of what state your in. That goes for police also.

  3. Dane

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    I would venture to say most of the judges there have one I bet!!
  4. lsi1

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    attention all gang members that guy who sent your buddy to jail is undefended in his home.

    This just proves Darwin was wrong sometimes the stupidest do survive.
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah
    So...does that rule apply to the DA as well?:cool:
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    How retarded can this get?

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    The DA's assertion that forcing the prosecutors not to own handguns somehow makes the workplace safer is beyond laughable. The sheer illogic of it should be enough to justify a recall election if the people have even half a bit of sense.

    Well, never mind. They wouldn't be electing such morons if they did.
  8. 556

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    the problem is that 60% of the people in the USA don't know **** about laws or how to change them
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    It'll get thrown out anyway. The DA doesn't have the authority to do this and he was just hoping the power-grab would go unnoticed and unchallenged.

    That's not what Darwin said. He said that the organisms which have traits that help them successfully procreate will "win out." Being smart doesn't automatically help you procreate. If the organism spends all of it's time navel-gazing because it's "smart" instead of trying to boink, if prospective mates find other traits more attractive, or of some other trait allows the organism to force procreation upon the prospective mates, then being "smart" doesn't help and might hinder.

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. lsi1

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    this is true but in most places in nature organisms this stupid wouldn't live to breeding age.
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    NE Utah
    Dnot worry, carrying capacity will make sure they don't last. At some point, they kill themselves off with disease and starvation.

    Sadly, they take a lot of others with them.:mad:
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    OK, that gets a solid 10 "Funny Points." :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Chicago proves you wrong. ;)
  14. Outlaw

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    Yep, and don't leave out NY City, Detroit and pretty much all the libtards in Californication.
  15. As soon as this is challenged, it's out. You can't legislate a straight-up ban. Now, if they all signed a contract saying that, well, they can certainly be terminated, but this ain't kosher.
  16. FlashBang

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    What is the difference enforcing a rule that smokers can't work for a company and saying gun owners can't? Aren't both of them imposing a straight up ban? They could just say that they are not going to contribute to the health insurance of a gun owner due to an increased risk of injury.

    Libs can always find a way to force their wants on others..... :rolleyes:

  17. As I specifically said lol, if you sign a contract saying you accept those terms, it's legal. Otherwise, no, it can be challenged. That's true everywhere.
    Don't sound so defeatist by the way lol. That last sentence sounded like an, "I give up, libs do what you want, I won't fight it," type thing.
  18. FlashBang

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    You don't know me very well... I am anything but a defeatist. :)

    I am a rabble rousing, h311 raising, arse kicking, no survivors taken kind of guy. ;)
  19. Liberty

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    Fortunately contract law is usually enough to kill off stupid contracts if challenged. Demanding that one give up Constitutional rights in order to obtain employment is a demand that will be struck down correctly if you have a good attorney.
  20. Liberty

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    Looks like this ban got rescinded! Post in NRA-ILA about it.