Can't reach Hi- POINT customer service

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by Pings, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Pings

    Pings Member

    Has anyone else had the problem of not being able to reach customer service.

    This bullet nose diving issue is making me rethink the quality control of the C9.
  2. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    You need to call first thin in the AM to have the best results. Seriously, like the exact minute they open.

  3. GulfCoastGuy

    GulfCoastGuy Member

    Ah! so that's it. I was trying, too, and keep getting the busy signal.

    -Please forgive the hijack.-
    In that case does anyone have an average time frame for filling an internet order? I placed one on the 3rd and all I've received is the automated "we got it, we'll let you know..." response.
  4. hp995tsfg

    hp995tsfg Member

    Internet orders get shipped in about a week. I sent one in on Saturday I bet it is here by Friday. This is my third order, so that is my experience. Customer service is about the same. They are quite busy.
  5. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    I use online for parts take a week. Try calling collect :D
  6. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Hi Point was closed the past 2 weeks & just re-opened on Monday the 6th.
    There is ONLY 2 women that answer the phones.
    8:01 EST is the best time to call, at least for me?
    I can only imagine the calls the 1st few days, after a 2 week shutdown?
    REMEMBER, Be nice to the girls!
    DON'T mention how long it took you get a hold of them!
    Be quick & to the point!
    You may be the next guy, after someone else ticked them off, ahead of you?
  7. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Patience grasshopper.
  8. Hipointer

    Hipointer Member

    Looks like they had better hire a third...or fourth.
  9. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    It's a family business and they're fresh out of daughter-in-laws.
  10. GulfCoastGuy

    GulfCoastGuy Member

    Wasn't aware of the shut down - or - the staffing. Explains a lot. Guess I'll chill for a while. All they can do is all they can do.
  11. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    If HP took our advice on every issue we think needs taken care of, their guns would be as high as Ruger?
  12. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Fran is "THE" only person that handles the sales of accessories. No matter if you order on line or call in & order over the phone. She is a one woman show. When I talked to her in June, she said she had worked the past 40 days straight without a day off.
    It is the cost of buying a lower priced firearm, I guess?