Can't trust anyone these days!

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  2. LOL! Sorry but that thief had balls of steal. He got the drop and thats all he needed I guess. I can almost see the 21 year old standing there with his thumb in his butt thinking, WTF MAN I had a gun! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. SWAGA

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    That's going to leave a mark on the whole 'open carry' crowd.
    I hate to state the über-obvious but if he carried concealed THAT would not have
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    SWAGA hit it. Concealed Carry gives you the element of surprise. Open carry does not.
  5. Hermitt

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    How many want to guess if the thief was carrying concealed legally?
  6. SWAGA

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    What's your point Hermit?
    He may very well're only a convicted felon if you get caught.....and convicted.
    I don't have the illusion that all concealed carry permit holders are upstanding honest citizens.
  7. I want to know how these thugs manage to CCW in there sweat pants?

    i could use some education on that.
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    His point should be that if the victim had been allowed to carry concealed, he probably wouldn't have become a victim.

    And that this time, the law affected the law abiding citizen to his detriment, but did absolutely nothing to prevent the criminal from doing whatever he pleased.
  9. Bull

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    Seems to be the case with most gun laws.....
  10. SWAGA

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    Oh stop preaching Ajole......

    He was being a d*ckhead and he got himself a $300 life lesson....:D
  11. Bull

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    Wow........ So I guess any poor gal gets raped in the wee hours of the morning was just being a b"tch, and got a life lesson..... Good Lord Swaga.... WTF is wrong with you.
  12. SWAGA

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    Bull, you missed my point by least a mile.

    Dumbass kid buys a new gun and proudly starts trotting around in the middle of the night going like "hey look at me and my new gun" and he get's robbed.
    it's not rocket science, it's pretty easy to understand really. :D
  13. Bull

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    No...... I really didn't..... you think he deserved it. You seem to be missing the point that a law abiding citizen gets mugged by a POS who shouldn't be carrying a gun.... and blaming the good guy..... The only dic*heads I see here are the criminal, and you for lauding him.
  14. FlashBang

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    So if someone buys a iPhone and carries it around to show it off to their friends, and gets robbed... it's deserved because they are being a d*ckhead??

    Congratulations, you win todays award...

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  15. No he didn't

    Dumb young girl walks around drunk with half her clothes off. proudly strutting like "Hey im hot and ready"

    Not rocket science, she will be taken advantage of.
    Really its pretty easy to understand REALLY
  16. SWAGA

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    Ok Flash, you need to get a couple of punches in because of the anti cop thread. I understand ;)
    So since when do we compare IPhones with open carry guns?
    Rape with open carry guns?

    You of all people should understand it's not wise to start trotting around in the wee hours strutting your stuff and getting robbed by a punk in flip flops and sweat pants.
    Open carry makes a statement but it was the wrong one here and he certainly didn't back it up.
  17. when you said he deserved to be robbed.
  18. If the story is true, four words~Lack of situational awareness!

    Again if true the criminal is the criminal, but nothing wrong with acknowledging behavior that is not high up on the Darwin scale.

    I am still wondering what kind of thief Mexican carries in sweat pants, and wears flip flops to commit a crime. I also wonder if the victim provided the police with a ser number for the gun.

    Another thing that baffles me is the supposed thief asked the victim to hand him the gun.:eek:

    I would have handed one round at a time.
  19. Im more suspecting this was a way for him to say he got robbed and loose his gun.

    Robs someone, needs to dump gun. Tells buddy,. Hey come up and rob me.
    Boom his gun is gone and he no long has evidence.

    But i still wont blame him for being robbed.
  20. SWAGA

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    Looks like somebody needs a lesson in how to be gangsta;