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    I am looking for a decent way to carry in the car. Yes a round would be chambered. I would also need to be able to carry it in a concealed way if the need should arise.

    I am looking at several small waste packs that have a hard inner holster that would cover the trigger and ad some safety should the manual safety be disengaged.

  2. get a j frame revolver is you want it ready to shot. a 38sp will be nice.

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    Be careful with "car carry", please follow all state laws, rules, and regulations. We need all the HPFF members on the forums, not in trouble for something in the "Gray Area" of something that's not so "black and white". What does your state say about transporting firearms? Do you have a CWP/CHL?
  4. is there a site that has all the laws regarding your state?
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    Yes I have a CCW. Under Az law I can carry anything that is legal for me to purchase.

    I have been packing for the last 10 years with a CCW. I just want to keep a 9mm in the car. My wife has my glock 23.
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    you can't really beat the price of the sig p6 right now. $260 for a sig 9mm with 2 mags. perfect car gun.
  7. I have been thinking about getting a "judge". its a taurus revolver that fires .45 LC or .410 shot. I figure that in teh event of a carjacking, that would be the ideal weapon since using the shot, it would give you an optimal level of stopping power without as great a worry of overpenetration. at point blank, as it would be in a carjacking, all you would have to do would be to whip it out, cock the hammer and pull the trigger. one in the chamber, one handed operation, and if it didn't neutralize the threat, it would at least give you enough time to reach your carry weapon, get out of the car and be able to get a good sight pic of your attackerassuming that you have a regular carry weapon
  8. The Taurus judge firing a .410 would be awesome!!!!!!!! You would have to pick there face off the ground to identify them!!!!! I am a firm believer in the use of revolvers for self defense.
  9. i have looked into these as well. better be prepared to spend 400.00 to 500.00 for it though.
  10. wow.... I just realized the the filters at this site won't even let you use gun terminology.... that's... well actually thats kind of funny .... :roll:
    anyhow, I realize that the Judge is a little pricier than some revolvers, but honestly, if you think about it, it's the best pistol to use in that situation. and I don't know about ya'll but my life is definitely worth 4 or 5 hundred dollars
  11. i agree. i like the fact you can alternate between .45 LC and the .410.
  12. rest assured, regardless what I were to load it with, the first shot would always be on the .410 round.
  13. Actually, I perfer the "glove compartment" in the car. There aren't many places (at least in my car) from which I could draw it easier than from the glove compartment. Perhaps the console, but that's always full of cd's candy wrappers and (very little) spare change. :)
  14. Best advice is check your state laws concerning vehicle carry.

    In SC we can legally carry a handgun in the glove box or latched console without needing a Concealed Weapons Permit. With a CWP the handgun has to be on our body or in the purse for the ladies, in the glove box or console. Any other carry method is illegal unless the gun is being transported unloaded in the trunk or rear most area of the vehicle, for a truck it would have to be behind the seat unloaded.

    Under the seat, under the dash, stuffed between the seat & console are illegal here even with a CWP. So.... see whats legal in your state and carry accordingly.
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    if im not mistaken in az its in a glovebox or console if not holstered or holstered in plain site or locked in trunk.
  16. has many maps and sections that will assist you in figuring out whats legal and whats not in your state. You should also go on the website for your states government and review and firearms/weapons laws there.

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    Why is it that I ask a simple question, and I get a disertation in CCW laws? I live in Az I can keep an AK-47 behind the seat if I feel like it, as long as I have CCW, which I have had for the last 10 years.

    Geez.... :D
  18. Re: Why?

    The short answer is "because we care". :)

    The longer answer is "because we care about individual's rights to gun ownership and everyone who carries/uses a gun outside the law is a target for anti-gun groups and makes the rest of us one too. Therefore, many of use feel a moral compulsion to educate as well as give our opinion.

    Plus, some of us, (like myself for example) just like to hear ourselves type. :lol:
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    I just had to give you guys a hard time. I figured that most of the guys on this forum were stand up kind of guys that would call you on something if it seemed unethical or illegal. :D

    Most other forums that I frequent, you wont find the kind of guy that will take time out of his day and call your attention to an issue that may land your but in jail.
  20. Re: Figured

    well personally, I would hate to see any one be subjected to the denial of their gun rights, which is what would happen in the event that you were to carry your gun in any illegal way. I have studied the Tennessee and federal gun laws rather extensively in an effort to ensure that it doesn't happen to me, and if anyone else can be helped by the information that I have gathered, then great.

    car carry is a touchy issue. Take my state of Tennessee for instance. while we have castle doctrine, stand your ground laws, laws requiring LEOs to sign NFA paperwork, and many other excellent pro-gun laws, car carry is a strange beast here. there is no specific mention of it in the law books, only stating that the weapon has to be unloaded, with the ammo out of reach. while its understood that an HCP allows you to carry in your car, if you were to try to carry mount a weapon in your car, there could still be issues, since technically the permit is for you, instead of your vehicle.If a LEO pulling you over wanted to push the issue, it would at least take awhile to get settled out, regardless of the legality. another thing that I would suggest, to you or anyone else, is to actually print out any relevant state laws, AG opinions, etc. concerning gun carry in your state, and keep a copy of themin your vehicle at all times. just because something is legal, doesn't guarantee that a LEO will KNOW that its legal.