Car Guys... Cold Air Intake (Induction) is it worth it??

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  1. Car Guys... Cold Air Intake (Induction) is it worth it??

    Any car people out there? Been pondering on the idea of installing a K&N cold air kit on my car. I'd get a 7-8HP gain, but it would set me back about $230.00. I did already replace my stock filter with a drop-in K&N and I love it. Have not removed the air silencer as of yet, but I'm considering it. I've heard that removing the air silencer and adding the K&N filter is equal to paying the $230.00 for the induction... as far as performance gains/flow is concerned....

    Anyone have an opinion?
  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    for 230$ you can have almost all of a 100HP nitrous injection kit. Cold air intakes dont really do much for a stock engine. If you have a 8-10 liter engine yes they make a difference. For your average four banger they show no noticable difference in performance.

    i raced a 86 ford ranger with a 300 HP 5.0 V8 with a 175 HP nitrous system on top for six years and i never used a cold air induction system. The difference in temperature makes little difference at normal highway sppeds with motor load at 30-50%. If you run wide open with 90-100% engine load the increased airflow at a lower temp will increase your charge denisty by a few percent but how many of us run at 100% engine load with our daily driver?


  3. I tried a cold air system (NOT K&N) on my 67 Camaro and could not tell the difference.
  4. Silicon Wolverine,
    Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate the post.
    Yep, I've been hearing a ton of people stating exactly what you've just said. And indeed, for the money, it's not much bang for the buck.
  5. Nicadflyer,
    Thanks for the opinion. I appreciate it.
    Do you still have your 67 Camaro? That's one of my dream cars.
    My girlfriend has a 65 Mustang that she's restoring.
  6. elguapo

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    What kind of car are you intending this for?
    I have a K&N on my GTO, purely for the fact I can clean it and reuse it. I live in Phx, and the dust really does build up down here.
  7. Thayldt21

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    OK, Ill ad My .02.
    The statement of the added 7-8 HP is true, you will not be able to feel any diference when you burry your foot in it. However, If like Myself you use your vehicle for towing, and not to test its traction control ability, IE spiinning wheels, the 7-8 hp will in the long, long LONG run pay off as you drive normaly you will have a gas mileage increase,.

    What is the aplication, I own an 03 F150 5.4 with underdrive pullies, Hypertech power tuner, Custom SINGLE out let exhaust, no the noise does not mean more HP Thus my nice quiet is just fine, And the cold arm intake.

    As I out these on one at a time I honestly did not notice any diference period at all. The wife however did as she did not drive it till I was finished. Still I could not.

    I had to remove everything back to stock as I had an overheating issue. Night to day I could then tell the dif as I went from the extra added HP to the gutless wonder, and a stock F150 is not that bad.

    The Gas mileage is were I really gain, And yes towing my trailer loaded with the ATV's I have no worries about getting into traffic, I do have the tourque and BWHP.

    I would advise if its a little motor, You might as well give up for adding big HP. Now for the larger displacement you have to have Exhaust along with the intake or you realy are just blowing money.

    The Tuning, IE the super chips, Edge power tuners, and the hypertech is were you will find the biggest gain if you only want or can afford one upgrade.

    Underdrive pullies I would say are number two. everything else is just gravy,

    I dont race my rig as it is 4 wheel drive TRUCK, if I wanted a race car Id have bought a car. But OH YEAH, when I put the foot down the rigg has no reservations of snapping my neck and letting me know I just wasted a lot of tire life.

    Also improperly inflated tires will drag on a vehicle performace enough to drain around 1 even two MPH.

    Good luck with your ride.
  8. jsumpter99

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    Unless you have a supercharged or turbo charged vehicle, cold air intakes are for ricers and dyno queens. They are one of the worst hp per $ investments you can make in performance. Most will net you maybe 10 to 15 hp on a naturally aspirated application which will only equate to about 5 to 10 hp after adding drivetrain loss into the equation. Performance companies advertise hp gains according to how much engine hp is added rather than how much it adds to the wheels so that it sounds like you are gaining decent hp.
  9. K&N is nice and all but wayyyyy too expensive. I put together an EL-CHEAPO rig on my ranger using an expandable intake flex tube and some other hardware from auto zone coupled to a cone filter and I can tell a slight difference in the power. It responds more quickly and more sharply. It also sounds nicer and meaner since there isn't a silencer in the intake anymore.
  10. z71silverado98

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    I bought the K&N FIPK intake for $100 something and noticed a small diff.

    After that I built 3 other intakes using bent tubing from summit and hi temp silicon connectors from the hardware store for about $20 ea.

    just find out what dia. pipe you need and get a rough idea of the routing. i think its like $12 for a u-bend.
  11. Strangerous

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    When i flipped the ol' air cleaner top upside down in my 2.8L v6 Chevy S10 blazer, 5 speed 4x4(max'd out at 70, downhill) It sounded really good... almost howled... but i did not notice any difference but the noise.
  12. Just be careful how the cold air system mounts. I perform inspections for extended warranty companies. Last week I looked at a Ford Focus with #2 rod hanging out a hole in the block. The car had an after market cold air system, not a K&N. It mounted the air filter in front of the left front wheel, and it was at the same level as the lower portion of the front air dam. The driver had gone through some standing water, sucked the water into the air system, and hydro-locked the engine. The air filer element was mud caked! This resulted in the engine failure. Since the owner installed the cold air system, the warranty company has denied his repair claim.
  13. Carbin8r

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    Whether or not a cold-air intake kit makes any sense depends on your car and it's engine.

    I like the K&N filters. I noticed better response, slightly better mileage, and they last forever with only periodic cleaning.

    Some cars already have forms of cold-air intakes, with plumbing designed to draw air in from cooler locations.

    I am not sure such a kit will add much beyond what the filter has already done. If you live in a cool climate, maybe. If you had a carburated engine and used a ram-air (scoop) with the right manifold, then probably.

    With modern cars, proper maintenance would go further in keeping your mileage and performance up.

    One thing I am thinking of trying are these new spark plugs. Years ago I worked at a company that did some DOE research with pulsed power (linear accelerators and such), and find this concept very intriguing.
  14. Dont know what your in, but you may net the 7-8HP and as other said it wont be noticeable on the butt-to-seat meter.

    I use K+n in most things regaurdless as its reusable and I like to think im saving some money in the long run. But thats me.
  15. Ridge

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    I used to have a crappy CAI on my old Sunbird...


    And I actually did feel better throttle response in it (which was really good for a car that was rated with 96HP at sea level, lol)
  16. azhipoint

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    I put one on my 1.8t jetta a few years back... did not see any HP gain...
    But if your into loud intake noise, check engine lights and mass air flow sensor replacment, you have found your product :wink:
  17. Better throttle response, better MPG (sometimes), and some power increase. The throttle response is often mistaken for power increase. They arn't a bad investment if you get one at a decent price, one huge perk, as guapo said, they are easy to keep clean and hard to forget about like most people do their stock filters.
  18. jsumpter99

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    I can second this one. I personally know two people that had bottom feeder cai's that mounted the intake too low.

    The first one was an old 5.0 mustang. He sucked up close to a gallon of water. He was lucky in that he immediately shut the car down. After draining all of the water, he put the engine back together and it ran just fine.

    The second guy was in a new z06 vette. Evidently the new engine had tighter tolerences than the old 5.0 because his immediately sent one of his rods through the bottom of the block.

    Both of these happened simply because the intake was mounted too low, and the owners accidently misjudged the depth of a puddle.
  20. ricers, what can ya say? :lol:

    I've always wanted to see the innards of a motor after hyrdo-lock. i'm sure its pretty nasty.