Carbine 4595 misfires

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  1. Per request I am modifying the title to:

    Modified 4595 to 460 Rowland misfires.

    I have had a 45ACP 4595 for a year. From day one it has had a lot of misfires. I finally tore it apart and found only one firing pin spring installed. Called Hi Point and they said it should has two installed and they shipped me a new set. I installed the new springs and still have the same problem. Pin just does not strike primers hard enough. A friend of mine has a 4595 and I took mine over there today. His fires fine and does have a little more "sound" to the firing pin releasing. Any suggestions? Is this spring bent or streached?

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  2. ajole

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    That's got nothing to do with the firing pin, that's the LRHO..

    Is your pin bent?

  3. No it is not bent. Plain and simple the firing pin does not apply enough strike to primer.
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  4. duster066

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    Something is not machined right. Striker or the bolt or the camber is to deep. Send it back. Or fix it yourself.
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    When you installed the second shorter fatter spring, did you put it in front of or behind the firing pin?

    Your LRHO spring should not be bent like that, but as mentioned, has nothing to do with this problem. That's a whole nuther problem.
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  6. I put one spring inside the other. Should one go in front and one behind?
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    Nope, you got it right. If they sent you a new striker match it to your old one. See if both are machined the same. Also check your striker pin protrusion from the breach face of the slide. I'm no smith, so I don't have numbers memorized. But your striker should protrude about... 0.035" to maybe 0.045" if it's a lot less than this you probably have found a symptom. Not why, but a clue. If the chamber is machined to deep the striker will stand no chance of smacking the primer hard enough 100%. Also your striker bore may be tight, or have poor machining causing high friction. Polish it with some 400 wet dry taped and wrapped around a small rod. Mount in a drill if you want but go real slow. You only want to polish the bore. I found my JHP ran better wet. You might try that. However a wet gun is a dirty gun after 50 or so rounds. If you don't clean dry is better if the gun will work dry.
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    Also when your doing all the firing pin work make sure to blow out the firing pin channel to make sure there isn't any loose debris from machining or from shooting in there. What brands of ammunition have you had issues with?
  9. I shoot only custom reloads that I reload. This gun was never fired before I converted it to 460 Rowland. I am taking it to a friend tomorrow . He has one in 45 ACP. We are going to tear both down and compare parts. It may have come from factory not firing.
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    The general rule is to break it in on regular ammo before any mods take place,
    and yes, you might have made changes to a faulty weapon in the first place :(
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    What!? Converted to 460 Rowland? Where was that in the OP? I'm out of here. Lol Just kidding cause I think it's cool, crazy but cool.
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    You broke it
    Can you guess what's wrong now. Think about it. Who did the work. The bitched up LRHO is also a sign that it was done by someone without a lot ofknowledge of the the weapon.
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  14. The gun was purchased with one firing pin spring.
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    You probably reamed it to deep
    Wasn't the gun taken apart to fo the mod?
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  16. My gunsmith originally took it apart. I pointedly asked him when I went by his shop" "how do you know how deep to ream". He took an ACP case and put in the chamber and showed me how the back of the brass was just even with the rear of the barrel face. After he reamed it the new 460R brass was in same position. I have considered that may be an issue. If you open the bolt and pull all the way back the firing pin extends out of bolt face maybe 3/16". You would think when fired the firing pin has the ability to move outward 3/16" when bolt is closed.
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    I think the title needs changed to 460R misfires............ :rolleyes:
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    Aren't you supposed to still be able to fire an ACP in a 460R gun?? Doesn't sound like that would happen here in this case.
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    We have found the issue. After completely stripping the gun and cleaning we replaced the firing pine and springs. We slid the firing pin back and forth and it was rough. Removed the pin and springs and you can see where the failed springs last year wore ridges in the receiver.