Carbine Chronograph Results

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  1. Bandit320

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    Hi all,

    Just curious if anyone has used a chronograph to see what type of velocity you are getting out of your carbines. I did a search and couldn't find anything, maybe it died with the old forum. Kind of interested in 4095 data since I hope to pick one up in a couple of weeks.

    To start things out I checked my 995 out last summer with 115 gr FMJ WWB from wally world. Chronograph at 5 - 10 feet. Average velocity 1340 fps.

  2. TnShooter83

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    I'd just like to say thanks for actually checking.
    I shoot AirGuns ALOT.
    And have chronyed ALOT of guns to show actual results.
    Not manufactures result.

    And I rarely if EVER get a thanks.

    I understand it takes time to setup, write down and report the result.


    I personally haven't chronyed any of my HiPoints.
    Until recently my passion was AirGun.
    I'm now moving back into benchrest again SLOWLY.
    As my income won't allow me to jump in it all at once.

  3. Bandit320

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    No problem. When I get that 4095 I'll post the results for it. I don't reload the 9 mm so that's the one factory load I plink with. I do reload for the 40 so it'll be fun to see the effect of bullet weights and powder burning speed.

  4. I wish I had a chrono. I would do some checking on my 4095 handloads(plus it would help w/ load development).