Carbine History?

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    I'll be the first to admit that my search knowledge is not the best but, has anyone done any research as to the history of the Hi Point carbine? When was the carbine idea born? I see lots of history information on the handguns but I haven't found anything on the carbine.
    If it is on the forum can someone guide me to it, please?
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    Just my opinion?
    995 Classic came out in 1995
    4095 Classic came out in 2004
    The "TS" model's came out in 2008
    4595 TS came out in 2010
    3895 TS came out in late 2015
    I hope this helps?

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    And, the whole concept of the 995 Carbine came from former owner Tom Deeb. Using current owner Mike Strassell's design.
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    Don't forget the .380 ! Sweet collection there.
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    I know the pistols became pretty popular locally around 2000 or so. Lots of the '45 for $120, 9mm for 99' sales around here so the #'s exploded locally. Many of the shootings I had to work with involved those 2 pistols, and most of those stopped being shootings when the pistol failed.

    That's not a slam, it's just what happened.