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    Lots of us are paying attention to the rational requests of Sheriff's across the country [including up-state New York] to carry your firearm if you are licensed to do so. This is in response to the concern that citizens may be the ones to stop random violence, especially from splinter cells of terrorists.

    Personally, it makes sense. It has made me re-think what I carry on my person. More than that, it makes me wonder if I should be carrying a carbine in the vehicle if I ever have to face a situation I couldn't just simply drive out of. A carbine would give me the ability to keep bad guys at a safer distance than a handgun would, at least long enough to get some maneuvering room to safety.

    Just wondering if anyone else has thought this through, or possibly had some training that is relevant.
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    I work away from home and travel every weekend. I carry a shotgun, so by default, I guess I do have a long gun in the car on occasion, but I lock it up in the safe as soon as I get to the apartment.

    My thought is if I can get to my car and retrieve my long gun, I'm probably not in a situation I need to be in and should probably drive away. I am generally in a rural setting and do not frequent places where there are large crowds, so any situation I would hopefully never find myself in would most likely be a personal self defense scenario so going to get my gun and coming back would be frowned on.
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    Hoping you have a large cabin in your cruiser :D
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    OTHER Than an Active Shooter Scenario, I agree. If you were in a
    social situation where there were people you were close to, I suspect
    any or all of us would retrieve a weapon, and go back in. Just Sayin'!
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    I keep a carbine and a few goodies in the trunk. So does E. But this isn't a large community with a lot of theft. The only time they come out is to shoot them or clean them.
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    When we go into the city here, I do some times carry a long gun in the car. In addition to the CCW. But it is no limited capacity carbine. And only take it if I have to go into a very bad area. Like where my FFL transfer shop is.My CCW allows me to carry openly or concealed virtually any legal gun where I wish to. So I carry a Chinese MAK 90 with a 40rd magazine on those trips.
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    I am planning on pricing out the difference between building and buying lock boxes for my center console and the back of the burban. Found a used set on Craigslist for $750, new for $1,300, and still need to price out steel locally.

    I plan on having room for at least 3 long guns in the back, separate mag locker, and locking up the carry guns in the center console for those rare places we can't carry.

    It's more for safe secure transportation to and from the range, hunting, camping, etc. But that's not to say I wouldn't deploy a long gun or side arm if something was going down right in front of my face like we've seen in Colorado Springs and San Bernadino.
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    We've been talking about 'trunk' guns for awhile now on SEP. If anyone's interested, here's the link and there are some pics of what folks carry as well.

    Trunk gun

    If it's a viable option I think it's a prudent idea. We've had 2 1/2 times more mass shootings under this current administration than the last four combined.

    Did youse see?

    We are dealing with normal criminals, emotionally disturbed people that woke up hating the world, wanna-bes and copy cats, lone wolfs and organized terror cells. The point is that you don't know where the wrong place is going to be or the wrong time. The armed citizen stops about three times the number of badguys at the police (btw I've been a Deputy for 24 years).

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    Thanks SEP. I read the whole thread.

    When I traveled to NC for Turkey day I had a range trip in the works. I was toting my Glock 27 converted to 9mm with the Lone Wolf barrel. I had my Glock17 model Gen2 KelTek subbie in a range bag on the passenger seat folded in the bag. You can't keep a round in the chamber when folded. I did have a 33rd mag loaded with Hornady XTP reloads from Freedom ammo. For extra I had 5 others loaded for the range with regular ball ammo. Nice thing is the 33rd mags fit the G27!

    I did have 6 30rd mags with the AR in the trunk. 2 loaded 30rd mags for the AK too. Both had nothing in the chamber. Both had a loaded mag inserted. They were for the range, but still ready to rock. I seriously doubt either would have been employed.

    If things are still OK in the next few months I might get the .40 Glock22 model Sub2000
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    Where? How Much???
    Those thing are like Hen's Teeth! :rofl:

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Last I heard Nashville Armory. $500+tax and bad guy check. I paid $500 for my 9 and they wouldn't budge on the price. They knew they were the only ones in town and they had 3 or 4.
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    Besides my CCW in .40, I ALWAYS have my bag with a KT S2K .40. 2 15 rnd mags, one in the handle and one in the bag. If I am in my pickup, there are 2 31 rnd mags attached to the driver side split.
    Back in the day, we used to carry long arms in the back window. Not any more. I also have a pistol vault bolted to my floor in the back. No one will be stealing a firearm from my vehicle.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Is your kRapTek a G2? I have the G2 9mm G17 version. It is a nice weapon. I have a butt load of Asian Military 33rd mags for it. They work good. However there is a "crunch" sound they make when loading. There is a flaw up in there. I have 4 of the 31rd .40 mags that none of them work. They nose dive when using them in my G23, or G27. Maybe 4-5rds and then they jam. Maybe a stiffer spring is the answer? Or I need to take them apart and see if they have the same problem as the 9's.

    I bought 2 in the 9's and sent them to my brother for his birthday to celebrate him and his wife getting G19's. One works, the other not so good.

    For holiday travels? M&P Shield 9 as a back up, G27 converted with the Lone Wolf 9 barrel. And the G2 subbie with a 33rd mag of XTP reloads from Freedom, and a hand full 33's with ball ammo.
  14. shubbell

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    I have several asian mags, including the 31's. The only issue I have had is getting them loaded. The Uplula took care of that. OK, the other issue is they will not drop free on release. Really a non-issue in my book. But as far as firing goes, they have all been reliable with everything I have shot. Mine is a Gen1. Pretty much fully dressed. NEVER have had an issue with it. However, I can say the same for my HP. It just doesn't fit in a Kodiak bag.

    *I should say, I have never tried any of the asian mags in my G23. They are reliable in the S2K.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Only mags that won't drop free in my G2 Subbie is the MagPul G17's
  16. shubbell

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    Going out on a limb here and say that the Glocks probably have a higher tolerance level than the KT? That said, the KT eats everything I have put through it. However, it is a bag gun and not something I carry on my hip. I stick with OEM for my Glock and my main carry which is a S&W .40 Shield.
    The KT is a shooting SOB. I haven't tried anything but brass and nickel, but it will go bang every time with them. It is not biased.

    If I have to use an asian mag in my Glock, I am probably screwed at that point ;-)
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    Winchester Model 94 in .30-30 with two boxes of ammunition - 20 rounds of Winchester 150 grn Soft Points and 20 rounds of 100 grn lead handloaded plinkers.

    In a locked box beneath my shelf behind the seats.

    With my GHB.

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    I love my KT in 40, but I doubt I will buy another,
    at this point in time. The AR based carbines are just too good :D
    An AR PCC with Glock Mags? That would be the Cat's Meow ;)[​IMG]
  19. shubbell

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    Agree. they fold? ;-)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    uNdieG=uNdieGlock! :rofl: