Carbine on sale at Dunham's

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    Dunham's has 995 carbines on sale this week for $169.99. I picked one up for myself. That was the first time I have ever been to the store in Carlisle and I must say that they have a impressive selection of assault and C&R rifles for a big box retail store! BTW nice site!

  2. Welcome to the forum Jerimiah, and thanks for the tip on the carbines.

    Hope you stay around for a while and check out the forum. :)

  3. Welcome Jonjer76! Glad to hear you picked up a new 995. Not a bad price either. Although I wouldn't call them "assault" rifles. I have always considered assault and action, not an item. :)
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    Heh, I didn't mean the Hi-Points were assault rifles, I was referring to the vast selection of AKs mainly. The had AR-15's (a couple), .30 carbine, and lots of other cool stuff. I usually shop at Shydas and they never carry AKs. I had a hi-point 995 before and loved it, but was forced to sell be because I was moving. I wanted to get one again and now seemed like the perfect time and the price was good. Dunhams had a really nice full wood stock AK for $399.... so tempting.

  5. I understood what you meant, sorry for the confusion. I'm just not willing to promote such a negative term that the anti gun media uses to blanket any firearm that can fire consecutive rounds without the operator performing any manual action to reload. I don't agree with the term at all. Again I feel assault happens from a type of behavior, not hardware. If you were to lay an "assault" rifle on the table by itself it would never fire a round. At the same time if one is to inspect the ceiling above a rack of such rifles I doubt it is riddled with holes. Sorry to go on and on, this is an obvious pet peeve of a term.

    But I digress. Still glad you are here and hope to see your gun fleet as soon as possible. Hope to see you jumping into the mix and offering advice!
  6. Nice find!!! welcome to the site and thanks for the heads up!! I would love to snag one of those.
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    Thanks everyone! Well there were 2 995's and 2 4095's. I hope they will get some more!

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    I picked up my first hi point (a 995) at dunhams a few weeks ago. I got it at that same price of 169.99.

    A quick tip to anyone looking for a 995. If you go to Dunham's and they aren't on sale just ask the guys working the counter. The fella at mine said that the carbines go on sale so often. If you happen to miss it they'll most likely honor the price if you mention something like: "oh, it's $xxx.xx now? Wasn't it on sale for 169.99?"

    He made it sound as if when you push for the sale price a little you'll almost always get it at a dunhams.

    I'm in grand rapids, mi. My local Dunham's always has at least 3 of both the 995 & 4095 in stock. Plus, they were great when I needed to get mine sent to HP to fix the firing pin.