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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by vvllbs, Sep 18, 2014.

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    I own a JCP 40 and although I own more expensive arms, I find it accurate and reliable. I have been pondering a carbine, what's the most accurate of the three? What kind of scopes do you use? 9mm is the cheapest ammo cost, I picked the 40 over the 9mm because I live in a small town and got a deal on 250 rounds of 40, now that ammo is not scarce I would consider 9mm though. This carbine would be used for hunting a little and mostly an extra range gun for when my big rifles give me or my shoulder fits. Thanks

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  2. i have the 995ts with aim sport scope like the one mom sells mine is accurate out too 100 yards holding dead on. but i also like hitting clay targets out at 200. it all comes down too understanding the gun, ammo, and sights used. if you understand all three you are good at any the way i have a bdc scope on my 22lr which will also shoot 200 yards with no problem.

  3. Dagwood

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    I love mine!! I usually shoot between the 25 and 100yd range. The 9mm is probably my preferred just because its cheaper to shoot. I use a 4 x red dot on mine, but I think i'm going to put a 3-9x40 on for a little more accuracy at distance. I primarily use my carbines for plinkin, not for home defense. Since you already have a 40, you could just get the carbine in 40 and not have to start stocking yet another caliber of ammo. Either way, you're gonna love it!!
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    The biggest difference between a 9mm and a .40, in a short barrel carbine, is the price of the ammo. But I agree with Dagwood. If you already use .40 ammo, stay with it on the carbine. Makes good sense to have more than one firearm that uses the same ammo.
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    NE Utah
    And the 4095 will share mags directly with the JCP.:)