Carbine vs ar?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by sonic2wb, Dec 26, 2014.

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    Don't beat me for this as I'm new here. I just purchased a C9 and my dad fell in loved with the 9mm carbine. He is wanting to so long range target shooting (flipping targets etc...) is the HP carbines good for this cost and cost of ammo are spot on for what we are looking for i think.
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    IMO, as a carbine owner, the AR would be the better choice for longer range target shooting. The 995 is better suited for the sub-100yd range. I've stretched my 4095TS out to 100yds but generally keep it between 50-75yds.

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    Thanks for the info. At his age he's lucky to see 20yds lol. And it would be a nice HD weapon to leave in a corner of his bedroom (no kids in the home just him me and my wife) she just got comfortable with me owning a hand gun but prefers for me lock it in the safe when we are home but having a nice rifle "out of site but accessible " sounds like a good idea. And being dads room is on one end of the house and ours is on the other end and both doors are in the middle. It would be a good tactical advantage
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    I put a 4x scope on my 995 and rapid fire at 100 yds with my homemade cast bullets I get pretty good groups

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  5. undeRGRound

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    HD = Carbine

    Long Range Target = AR

    Both (up to 100 yds) = Carbine, IMO

    If he can make that carbine group well, (and it should) it will be more fun to shoot with the cheaper ammo. Sounds like a winner for your Dad. And most other folks, too!
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    I do not do this often because it is just wearing my carbine out for no good reason. +P+ 115gr 9mm ammo really performs at target shooting in the 995TS. 200 yards is not a stretch with +P+ ammo. I have seen people on YouTube make 200 yard shots with a 995TS. One guy had no experience with firearms. After 2 magazines of ball ammo the guy was hitting a 12" steel most of the time. It is easy to sight a carbine in for longer ranges. Just eight your carbine in at 25 yards. It should require very little adjustment at 200 yards. I sight my carbine in at 70-80 yards so it shoots flat. I have a 22mag for longer shots. There is a tree about 225 yards from my picnic table crows love to light in. I kill a lot of crows in that tree. I hate those egg eating black bastards.
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    If just for Range shooting, the 995TS would be the better choice. It's less expensive and the ammo is cheaper than an AR.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    Hi Point carbine ... 25-100 yrds fun for range plinking

    AR ...... 25 yrds or less for CQB and then out past 400 plus yrds for long range using 5.56 and 375-400 yrds with .223
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    Welcome camp. Nice carbine! And pretty nice groups at 100 yds.
  11. Dagwood

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    Welcome sonic as well!
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    NE Utah
    Say what? The 9mm has a 30 inch drop at 200 yards...thats more than a " little adjustment".:cool:
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    Get both! You will probably will end up wanting them anyway!
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    well that works , but the 995 is a good and fun gun to shoot :)
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    "Egg Eating B**Tards" lol

    I like crows, as long as they leave the moles alone...

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    Very Nice, CAMP!
    Welcome to HPFF!
    Are those boolits powder coated or is that just lead and a jacketed round...:confused:
  17. I don't think the drop would be a problem out to 200 yards 30in is easily doable. I think the accuracy out to 200 yards wouldn't be groups it would more be just seeing if you could hit a sheet of paper. I wonder how much lapping the bore and crowning the barrel would help if I was going for long rang accuracy that's were I would start assuming you have already done a trigger job.

    My AR-10 shoots sub MOA at 100 yards and only has a 30in drop at 400 yards with stock ammo.

    But my vote goes to carbine under 100, modified carbine under 200, AR for anything over 200.
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    I have both, the AR I keep locked in the safe, the Hi Point is next to my bed for HD.

    If you are involved in a shooting your weapon will be tied up in evidence for who knows how long. I'd prefer my Hi Point in there rather than my SBR Ar.
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    Under 100 yards the 9mm without a doubt. 9mm ammo is significantly cheaper than 5.56, so it's a great way to save money. Of course whichever you get, you're going to end up wanting the other as well. I love my 995, but I'm building an AR right now (almost finished).

    Which to get first depends on what kind of shooting you want to do. You've already said target shooting so that rules out defense and hunting as the primary purpose (though either one could do a bit of both). So do you want to do target shooting at short and medium range, or at long range? Distance alone isn't the only factor in target shooting after all. Speed shooting can also be a lot of fun, and the 995 really lends its self to that sort of thing. Getting rounds quickly on target at close to moderate range, shooting on the move, and switching targets are all ideal applications for a pistol caliber carbine. The 995 has probably the best applications within 50 yards. Sight it in at 25 yards and you'll find it shoots on point at 25, low before that, high after, and on target again at 50 after which you'll have a steady drop off, though how hot your ammo is can change the arc a bit.

    If you want to shoot steel, and can set up a few targets in various locations and distances, there's a lot of fun to be had with the 995.
  20. tone

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    If you're plinking at short range get the high point. Anything over that he should get the AR. The AR is a MUCH more capable platform and 223 prices are way down. I'd get the AR if I didn't have either... Just being able to buy a 30rd mag for $10 would make it an easy decision for me.