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    i bought a c9 awhile back and its gone. too many jams and i was not pleased. Now, i have heard that the carbines are much better, and I wanted some honest opinions from poeple who own/owned both. i am really wanting to buy a carbine, but not if its gonna jam every 3 rounds. thanks.
  2. I bought a C9 March 06 and it took about 250rds for me to learn the whole 9mm blowback principal (aka quit limp wristing while shooting) and get the pistol settled in. Also gave some TLC to the mags to make it a pistol I would be willing to grab for somthing other than range shooting.

    About a week back I traded one of my .50cal Thompson Center muzzleloaders to friend for his virtually NIB 995 Carbine. I am unable to shoot the TC .50cal and he decided pistol cal carbines was not to his liking. Only had the 995 out once, weather has sucked here, and it performed flawlessly. The previous owner took it out once and reported a flawless shoot also. I did spend a couple hours the other night tending to the mags, fluff and buff on followers and inside of the mag body, just because I like my mags to be silky smooth and this is something I do on ALL magazines regardless of who made em and what firearm they are used in.

    The 995 Carbine is probably one of the best kept secrets in the shooting industry, its highly accurate and I have yet to hear people complain about major jamming issues. I have seen at least 10-12 people bring NIB 995's to the range in the last 6 months and put hundreds of rounds thru them without so much as a hi-cup.

    Too bad you had a bad expierence with your C9, but I am sure the 995 wont leave you feeling let down in any way.


  3. I really like my 995 / 4095
  4. I have 3 unfired Hi-Point pistols and one 995 that I fired last weekend.

    Only shot 5 mags of some very cheap, (but quality looking), Czech 9mm ammo and: bam, bam, bam 50 times! Lots of fun and very reliable so far. They are only supposed to get better with age.
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    I have had a terible experiance with my C9 I had to go above and beyond the average fluff and buff. I had to dremel the slide.

    Any way I see your concern. I own the 4095 and I can confirm it is a beast. It will spit brass all day long and very accurate. I would think you would be very happy getting a hi-point carbine. they are vey well made.

    My bud has a 995 and has put an insane amount of rounds threw it without failure. Plus he has not cleaned it only bore snaked it.

    good luck
  6. I bought a 995 about a month ago and have about 1000 rounds through it. I've tried about 6 different types of ammo and it eats them all with no problems. When it was brand new, it did jam a few times. I guess it really needed to break in. Since about 400-500 rounds, I've had no problems at all. Today I tried 2 more types, Rem HP and Wolf; it functioned no problem. BTW--I haven't cleaned it yet!
  7. They are very nice carbines, and not that many people at all have trouble with them.

    As far as the pistols go, a lot of peoples problems are limp wrist related, with mag problems probably coming in second
  8. I agree. Soon after I read about limp-wristing on the forum, I stopped doing problems since.
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    Here is my experience.

    First bought a 995, was used and probably already broken in. I have never had any problems with it in the 4 years I have had it.

    As for C9, I bought mine about 4 months ago, first time to the range it worked great, put about 100 rounds through it. Next two trips were not so good. Many stove pipes and failures to eject. Once I got past 250 rounds all the problems went away. C9s have a definite break in period. Some do not run in to problems in this break in period but I think most will FTF and or FTE. Just be patient with it. Mine shoots like clock work now and it has just over 500 round through it.
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    I'm one of the ones that had trouble with the 995. I think it's a toss up. Some are great right out of the box, some need lovin'.
  11. Stock 995; have shot about 500 rounds through it. Winchester White Box (WallyWorld-Mart) and have not had any problems.
    Very nice Toy :p
  12. I have the C9. I did not like it. It would jam and jam again.I sent it to the factory and they said that it was a barrel problem. I received it back and have had little problems with it . I have the 995 LOVE IT !
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    I got a 995 for my anniversary in May have never cleaned it had 5 stove pipes in the first 100 rounds and has been flawless for about 500 more.