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Carry Ammo for Hi-Point pistols

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While looking for a new carry load, I came across a few really good options specifically for those of us that carry Hi-Point pistols for CCW. No carry ammo that I've found is cheap, and these are no exception, but you don't dump mag after mag of them down range anyway, so it's definitely worth the investment to have good, reliable, effective, carry ammo. First up is Federal's LE Tactical EFMJ 124gr. +P Ammo. Federal describes it as follows:

"This is 9mm Federal LE Tactical Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ) 124gr. +P Ammo. Federal’s exclusive EFMJ bullet design provides the most consistent expansion and reduced risk of collateral damage. This one-of-a-kind bullet design combines a scored full-metal nose over an internal rubber tip that collapses on impactâ€"not based on hydraulics. Its fully enclosed design means it never fills with barrier material and ensures controlled expansion directly upon impact. A low-flash propellant is ideal for low-light tactical applications, while EFMJ’s bullet profile promotes smooth feeding in automatics. It’s the perfect choice for reliable expansion and penetrationâ€"not to mention for areas that don’t permit hollow point ammunition."

Since it doesn't have the hollow point "scoop", it should feed as reliably as ball, and, as you can tell from the photo, it mushrooms quite nicely.

Another round that fits the bill, especially for those of us that are worried about collateral damage from a CCW self-defense scenario, is the Glaser Blue Safety Slug 80gr. +P Ammo. Here is how Glaser describes its product:

"This is 9mm Glaser Blue Safety Slug 80gr. +P Ammo. For over 30 years, Glaser Safety Slug has been the perfect choice for use in populated, urban areas. Glaser's composite design uses a special thin-wall jacket, and a precision compressed lead shot core with a soft polymer tip. This construction provides optimum balance between penetration and fragmentation. The round nose profile of this round guarantees Reliable feeding. Stopping power is maximized by the complete dispersal of the bullet energy into the intended target with immediate shock and trauma. This rapid fragmentation delivers the energy to a large area. Reduced recoil allows a fast recovery for follow up shots if necessary. This makes Glaser the best choice for defensive situations. Glaser Blue penetrates five to seven inches in the International Ballistic Wound Association (IWBA) protocol testing. The Glaser blue Safety Slug uses #12 shot compressed into a solid form, which produces immediate energy dispersal into the target, reducing the possibility of over penetration and creating abrupt stopping power. The numerous projectiles disperses outward generating an effective wound cavity. This load reduces the possibility of over penetration through the intended target. It provides for an added margin of safety. A missed round is much more likely to break up on an interior wall and dump its energy rather than proceeding unabated into an adjoining room and injuring an innocent bystander. The light fast bullets reduce the felt recoil and are excellent loads for the small compact carry guns and snub nose revolvers. For over 30 years the Glaser Safety Slug has been the overwhelming choice for the "house gun" stored in the nightstand."

This is excellent for crowded restaurants or malls where a bullet that's too hot can end up injuring someone behind the threat that doesn't hit the floor when the shooting starts. I have boxes of both of these products on the way, and I'll let everyone know what I think once I've fired them. Of course, hopefully we'll never know how they work in real life, but I will note how they handle. My idea is to carry the Glasers in the first magazine in my gun, the Federal in the second magazine, and standard ball in my third magazine. This way I'll have progressively stouter firepower and an increasing level of response should the need arise, but less worry about those that may happen to be around if the use of force becomes necessary. I hope this helps you guys.
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I just switched from mag tech gold ammo for Winchester Supreme SXT 147gr JHP(I prefer the heaver bullet) they feed no problem and have very light recoil which is a big plus in case I have to make a follow up shots. let us know how they perform also don't know about using ball ammo for for personal defense as there is a good chance of over penetration
also don't know about using ball ammo for for personal defense as there is a good chance of over penetration
That's why I carry it in my third magazine. If the bad guy gets behind a barricade (table, car door, etc.), I'm going to need penetration to "stop the threat". The first two choices in ammo are specifically designed and carried to avoid collateral damage to the innocent, but being the real world, I have to be prepared for the scenario that I could be getting shot back at from cover by the bad guy. I'm going to carry the Glaser in mag #1, the Federal in mag #2, and the ball in mag #3. Light clothing/less penetrating, regular clothing/more penetrating, heavy object/barricade/most penetrating. Get the idea?
you make a good point you can never be over prepared do you have them in the same spot in your mag carrier all the time so you know if you reach for mag X it contains ammo Y
you make a good point you can never be over prepared do you have them in the same spot in your mag carrier all the time so you know if you reach for mag X it contains ammo Y
Yes, exactly. And train, with an empty gun and magazines, running scenarios so that you can reflexively grab the magazine with the right ammo from the pouch to fit the need.
I'm using Remington Golden Saber HPJ +P 124 grain hollow points for ccw but I'm gonna try the 9mm Federal LE Tactical Expanding Full Metal Jacket (EFMJ) 124gr. +P Ammo it will feed much better out of my C9. I didnt even know ammo like that existed thanks for the info.
C9: Using Federal Tactical LE HST 124gr +P JHP's in the 2 10 round clips, some 115 FMJ's in the 8 round. I don't keep the 8 round in the holster or gun, but figured it could be useful stashed in the truck.

.380 CCW: Federal Tactical LE Hydra-Shok 90gr JHP's.
Right now I use Winchester silvertips in an 8 rnd and 10 rnd mag theh other 10 rnd has FMJ. I mark ALL my mags with numbers on 8 rnds [I have 3] and A and B on the 2 10 rnd mags [B has FMJs]. I use bright orange paint so I can see them even in the dark. A sits in the rear [where I always grab first and B sits in the front If it is an extremely busy night I will carry a 2nd 8 rnder in my back pocket. And if it is a really weird crowd at the club I'll carry both extra 8 rnders in another carrier [Sometimes I can be paranoid, but I'd rather be prepared ]
Shooter sounds like you are prepared for a small street war :shock:

also no one likes the use anything heaver than a 124gr bullet :?:
in my C9 147gr has very little recoil and feeds very well
Shooter sounds like you are prepared for a small street war :shock:
Considering what he does, and how little respect his job description gets, that is probably prudent on his part.
Glaser Blue penetrates five to seven inches in the International Ballistic Wound Association (IWBA) protocol testing.

Srben, THEY ONLY PENETRATE FIVE TO AT MOST SEVEN INCHES. The FBI requires a minimum of 12 to 16 inches to be concidered a reliable cartridge. I used to sell Glasers, and I can argue enough to sell them to you, but I do not recomend them for anything other than vermin (rodents) control in urban areas. The EFMJ is a great round, and will do anything a person with a handgun is justified in doing.

Under stress people tend to focus on the primary threat, ie a firearm, its called tunnel vision. Shots to a perp, or suspect tend to be clustered around the area the firearm was. Meaning they tend to go through arms. Hold your arms out in a firing possition and look at the angle that a bullet would have traverse to get to the chest let alone the vitals. Glasers won't exit the arm of an average man, let alone a gorilla.

For your own safety please don't use Glaser safety slugs, or any prefragmented bullet.

Take Care and Stay Safe.
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I understand that, but I'm actually more worried about the people in my periphery than the much lauded "one stop shot". See, the way I figure, once I start popping 9 mil rounds, the guy probably won't be hanging around to get make and model info. anyway. If the first few rounds don't get it, I have magazine number 2. Or 3. Pumping 8 rounds of Glaser will probably sting a bit, and at close range will probably do more than that regardless of what I use. That's what I was hoping would come of this thread: a discussion of new and better ammo.
Have you shot many Glasers? They tend to shoot really low because they are faster than even most +p rounds. Also a miss with anything causes liability to the shooter. One shot stop is a myth. If you get one it's a bonus. You shoot until the threat is ended, either because the suspect ran away, surrendered, or went down or quit his assaultive behavior. Having three magazines is not a bad idea, however I would recomend that you use the most reliable, accurate ammo you can afford to shoot enough to hit a pop can at 25 yards with.

The confidence that 25 yard practice gives will make a shorter shots easier, and much more acurate. Hopefully eliminating misses that endanger others.

Take Care and Stay Safe.
At the range it's WWB for both the C9 and the JHP. When not at the range, it's Federal Hydroshok all the way. Test fired them at the range to ensure there would be no issues (at $23 a box, it got a little pricey but what the hell). Those EMFJ's look freakin cool tho...Is there any test data on wall or door penetration with those or any experience with testing that personally?
I just found out that my new carry ammo is the famous Black Talon ammo thats just been renamed Supreme SXT by winchester
Lets talk a little about over penetration.

The three things you are likely to see

1: A missed shot
2: Under penetration
3: Over penetration

One thing to remember no matter what happens you always need to make sure your field of fire is clear except for your target!

Out of the three above the worst is a missed shot. The facts are there are going to be a few of these if you have to engage someone in a shootout.

The missed shot gives the BG time to shoot you, and now you have a round zipping around out there at full force.

Then there is under penetration, This gives the BG time to keep fighting there are a very good chance for the BG to shoot you. But you do not have a round zipping around town at full force.

Then there is over penetration. It is the only one of the three that gives you a good chance to take out the BG. You might have a round or some parts of a round zipping around. But it will not be a full strength as a bunch of the energy is use up in the target. Using a good defense ammo could lessen the energy even more.

When you take into account the numbers of missed shots that most shootouts have over penetration is no where the issue folks make out of it.
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when i was taking my NRA pistol course, the instructor told us of a story about a local cop that was inside someone's home and had to shoot a perp with his 9mm. at least 1 bullet went through the wall, outside and into the house next door and killed the person who lived there. thats scary stuff when you consider taking a shot at someone who breaks into your house. how many of your neighbors might you accidentally shoot through the walls? or vice versa :?

now about these frangible rounds like the Glaser... i had a friend who read an article about frangibles about the time they were first being released for general sale (i normally wouldn't speak about an article like this since i havn't read it myself, BUT my friend is one of those people who reads a LOT and is somehow always able to remeber everything that he reads very well). They were testing this ammo on sheep, which are about the same size as a person. anyway, they shot this one sheep in the ankle and it fell over dead, which is pretty bizzare. a post-mortem analysis showed that the "shock" created by the frangible ammo (as you can see by the pic made up of lots of tiny balls) raised the sheeps blood pressure so high that it burst a blood vessel in its brain, killing it. now, i'm not saying this will happen every time you shoot a person with it, if it will happen at all. for regular ball or HP ammo, penetration will be an important factor in determining how effective it is. BUT, i think it's possible that the frangible ammo operates differently enough that penetration may not be the yardstick with which to measure its effectiveness by.
of course I may be wrong. just thought i would share my info.
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Good info. ...

Let's put it this way: I don't want to get shot by any ammo, and I'm sure bad guys are the same way. If he wants an easy target, you can show him that you're not, and if he's on drugs and not easily persuaded, frangible to the skull works o.k. from what I hear.
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