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    So I’ve always used whatever off the shelf belt I’ve had laying around to hold up my Keltec PF-9 and it was never an issue due to its weight and size but recently moved towards my G17 for carrying so I came to the crossroads of needing a new more rigid belt made for this purpose.

    The two I was most leaning towards were the Kore and Blue Alpha as I wasn’t looking for anything in leather and wanted something without a traditional buckle system.

    Blue Alpha Hybrid has the Cobra buckle and even went as far as reducing the female side of the buckle to make it more manageable and able to go through standard belt loops. It is adjustable via a Velcro strap to adjust tension then clip the Cobra buckle and it is locked until you want it released. The belt has great reviews but for the most part it still looks very much like a carry/duty belt due to the Cobra buckle which led me to the Kore belts. IMG_3490.jpg

    Kore has a faux buckle system that hides a ratcheting system that rides on a track on the inside of the belt and gives a much more fine tuned approach to how tight or loose you’d like your belt or holsters to your body. The belt is rigid enough to hold the firearm and holster without sagging by just holding the belt which sold me as my G17 is pulling my belt down like an anchor currently. IMG_3489.jpg

    So between the two they both are awesome belts and I’d be happy with either. That said I went with the Kore due to the fact that I’d be able to wear it 24/7 currently till I add more concealed carry belts to my arsenal.

    What is everyone using or had experience with for concealed carry belts?
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    I use a 5.11 Tactical belt when I'm not using a good quality belt from The Beltman.

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    The 5.11 nylon belts just didn’t have enough support for me and the rest of their belts either looked like carry/duty belts or were leather with traditional buckles and not what I was looking for. Those were the only thing that kept me from trying them out first go round but will keep them in mind for future purchases for sure.
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    How does the nylon hold up to holster off and on after a few years, has it started to fray any on the edges? Was also wondering how the ratcheting notches hold up over time?

    Only bad things I read and heard in a few reviews for them was it felt like wearing a spare tire around your waste but you get used to it. I guess with anything that rigid and tight to your body would feel like that for a while.
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    My experience is that no one notices or cares. The people who do notice and know the difference either (also) don't care or are happy that you're carrying. Wear whatever belt best suits your needs and budget.

    Honestly, if you catch someone staring at your belt buckle, they might not be starting at the belt buckle. :rotfl:

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. Its pretty tough nylon. After a few years wearing it there is no fraying or thin spots at all. It has a pretty tough inner belt that provides most of the structural support. I've been happy with both the nylon and the dressier leather one. The ratchet notches are holding up just fine.
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    1.5" Training belt from 511. Don't order from Amazon. Screwed up my order twice. I ordered from Cabella's same price and no bullshit.

    Velcro+ buckle.

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    I have a 5.11 instructor belt around somewhere from back when I used to shoot USPSA. To be honest, I never really noticed a huge benefit from it over an old leather belt I used, which I have had for almost three decades. What I have noticed is that belt width plays the real role in holster support, as opposed to just overall rigidity.

    On days when I carry my G30 SF, that old leather belt, which is about 1.5" wide, never leaves me feeling like the weight of the pistol and holster is dragging my pants down.

    I also use one of the Army-issued nylon canvas-like rigger belts from my old uniforms to hold up my Ruger Redhawk in a Bianchi Cyclone holster when I'm hunting, and it does just fine. The belt is wide enough that when it's fed through the tight leather slot in the holster, nothing will sag down or flop around. Everything is held stably enough that I don't have issues doing the limbo around noisy palm fronds and wait-a-minute vines while wearing it.

    In sum, the wider, non-reinforced belts hold up a hosltered pistol quite well, and the lack of internal reinforcement also makes them more comfortable to wear.
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    Kore Essentials belt came in and man does it make a difference in carrying, wish I had picked up a better belt years ago.

    Love the ratcheting buckle for when you need to tighten/loosen just a little as the day goes on. Very rigid design but does not feel like I am wearing a hula hoop and has been super comfortable for the week I have had it so far, was expecting more discomfort from some of the reviews. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solid carry belt.
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    I bought a Bigfoot belt for $44 several years back, I like it
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    I wear two belts. One for my pants and one for my firearm. Once I got into the habit of dressing that way it became the most comfortable way to carry, still just as concealable in most street clothes but I've even pulled it off in suit for my wedding.

    I make all my own belts and holsters so I can't vouch for any specific brands but I'll tell you with a 2nd belt you can choose to wear whatever belt you want to hold up your pants/match your outfit and then just have a no frills comfort belt to hold your sidearm.

    I use a zero profile buckle for the gun belt on my right hip so that the two buckles don't create a bulge.
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    Belt had a defect to were it had a thicker stitched seam around certain parts and would be difficult to pull it through the buckle. Messaged Kore Essentials and they had me a replacement belt in 3 days with a label to ship the current back. Couldn’t be happier with the product and the customer service, which is more than I could say for most places I’ve dealt with lately.

    Definitely recommend Kore to anyone looking for a gun belt based off the short time I’ve had the product and their customer service so far.
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    I use the 511 leather belt #59501. Used it everyday for more than 10 years. Just bought a second one on Amazon for $40 shipped.
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    I have approximately 2 years with the nylon and it is holding up well. It was and still is pretty stiff but I never thought of it as uncomfortable.

    I love the ratcheting buckle system.
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    I've just received a couple Wolf Tactical 1.5" 2-ply belts for wife and myself. They seem very capable of handling what I or she carries for $29.95 each with Cobra buckle. We both carry OWB, but I have a permit, so when we're in town I just keep my shirts untucked for cover, while she only carries when out on the farm.

    Right now she's doing a lot of weekly arm/shoulder therapy for a broken shoulder this past late fall, so while she isn't carrying, I decided to get a couple new belts.

    I've also got a couple military rigger belts and they don't have the support like these new 2-ply Wolf Tactical belts have I just got.