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    There has been lots of talk the last few months about how deadly the small rounds are 22lr, 25, and .380...

    The thing to remember is all rounds can kill or maim, that is a given. The real point is about how much time it could take those rounds to remove a BG's capability for doing you harm. (without a head or upper spine shot). If you are engaging a BG with one of those rounds who is firing at you with a 9mm, 40S&W, or 45acp there is a very good chance he will drop you even after you have shot him. Though in the long run you might have ended up killing him.
  2. A good friend of mine has always said. Its better to bring any gun to a gun fight than no gun at all. Also if you have the chance to chose bring a long gun.
    Right now I carry a 40 S&W but I also want a 25 Raven because theres some places we must go that you cant carry a bigger pistol with out bring unwanted attention.

  3. Ari

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    With all the real small 9mms that conceal very well why bother with a 25 when the 9mm is so much safer to use if someone is shooting at you. Even a full size 1911 just vanishes in the small of the back.
  4. :shock:
    I own a Raven and NEVER carry it. It is unsafe with a round in the chamber and it is underpowered. I also have a Beretta 21a and a Taurus PT22--I never carry them either. :shock:

    My Kel-Tec P3AT is smaller and lighter than ALL of those pistols above. The .380 is my minimal carry pistol. Truthfully, the PF-9 is so small that I rarely carry anything smaller (the .380 only goes with me if I just can't conceal the 9)
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    It depends where I'm going as to what weapon to carry. In the summer most likely its a Bersa 380, when out and about. When out Riding I have either a RIA 1911 45, a CZ 52, or a Ruger 357 under my jacket or in the saddlebags or in the center consol of the car.
  6. Daytime, I carry my GLOCK 27, night time I carry either my S&W 5903 TSW or the S&W and the GLOCK. The S&W has night sights on it. Once I get NS's on the GLOCK I may be back to a one carry gun (until I get a G23 or G19 that is).
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    Kel Tec P-357...same size as a 9mm p-11 w/ 10 rnds of 357sig instead.
  8. Since it's getting warmer out, I can't conceal my 1911 without printing terribly. Even though printing isn't a problem in NM, I don't like doing it. Right now, I am carrying my Bulgarian Makarov 9x18. Once I get a holster for my S&W 9VE I'll start carrying that, as long as it doesn't print that bad.
  9. I bought a taurus pt145 (.45) for that reason. It's only a tad larger than the taurus 9mm. 10+1 of .45 in a smaller package... cool beans!!!
  10. Normal carry: G27 (.40 S&W) pocket or IWB.

    Alert carry (have to walk home from work at night through a bad
    neighborhood): S&W 5903TSW (9x19) IWB, G27 (.40 S&W) pocket carry.
  11. carry a .45. even if a HP fails to expand its still getting hit with a half inch bowling ball in the chest. Thats what it takes to knock em out for the count.
  12. condition1

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    40 sw or .45
    9mm I consider my 'dress' pistol.
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    Listen folks, big bore is the way to go!


    It's been proven that the underpowered 44mag, 357mag, 45acp, 9mm, 40 S&W, and any of the other rounds lack the knockdown power that one needs... the .50BMG pistol pictured above is the one and only pistol that can take down any attacker (or PMS'ing Polar/Grizzly bears on PCP) with one shot. It's the only gun anyone should feel safe in carrying, and with the IPL (inside pants leg) holster, It's easilty concealable with oversized pants. Noone should trust their life to anything weighing less than 290 grains, case in point: It's THE self defense caliber.

    /:lol: off
  14. Ha! I hear that! Nice responce... imagine luggin' that thing around....
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    still trying to find a iwb houlster for my 870 with collapaseable stock
    LOL :D :D :D :D
  16. Pack what you can legally and comfortably conceal, just make darn sure its 100% reliable and you can make consistent and accurate hits with each and every round.

    My primary CCW calibers are 9mm and .380acp, but I have been known to carry a .22lr, .44 Special or .44Mag too.
  17. Thayldt21

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    9mm for me. Well As soon as the AG sends me my paper so I can go get the CCW.

    ANY DAY NOW. Ok so it still going to be a few weeks. But high hopes.