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Carry Caliber

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There has been lots of talk the last few months about how deadly the small rounds are 22lr, 25, and .380...

The thing to remember is all rounds can kill or maim, that is a given. The real point is about how much time it could take those rounds to remove a BG's capability for doing you harm. (without a head or upper spine shot). If you are engaging a BG with one of those rounds who is firing at you with a 9mm, 40S&W, or 45acp there is a very good chance he will drop you even after you have shot him. Though in the long run you might have ended up killing him.
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I have compared ballistics between the .380 (9mm short) and 9mm (9X19)

With todays ammo w/ +p rds. A .380 is a formidable caliber.

Preferable I carry my Llama .45 in my truck. Once I get my CWP I will carry my Llama .380 till I can get me a compact 9 or 40S&W.
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