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First, I'm not talking about concealed carry, as much as I love my 52 it isn't the handgun for that job...

I bought a Uncle Mike's size five ambidextrous sidekick for my 52. The handgun fits like a glove and the retention strap does its job perfectly, but I'm a little concerned as the holster leaves the decocker exposed. My 52 is one of the few that doesn't fire when the decocker is used, but I still don't trust the decocking mechanism enough to use it. Do you think it's a valid concern about clothing or something catching and tripping the exposed decocker?

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Worst carry gun ever.

DO NOT CARRY THIS ONE WITH ONE IN THE CHAMBER!! Google around and you'll find out that the way it's setup, it can go off if jolted.

I don't remember the specifics on why (I'm not a (gun) Dr, Jim), just a shooter.

BTW, it's also my favorite gun (for now) :)
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