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    Dear Hi-Point,

    For such a bargain basement price, I couldn't care less what a gun looks like or if it comes with night sights or adjustable thingamajigs and doohickies. But I do wish the feeding problem would be addressed, because the one thing I DO want my $135 pistol to do is shoot reliably. It would be nice to be able to rely on my Hi-Point like I can rely on my Beretta or my Glock.
  2. Well, most on this board do not have any problems. Would you like us to help you trouble shoot the issues?

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    I guess that's my point. I don't want to have to trouble shoot a gun. I already have to do that with my car and my marriage! I just want to take the damn thing to the range and shoot bullets.
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    If the cartridge is jamming when you pull the slide back to load the first round, you might be holding onto the slide wrong. You need to pull it all the way back and let it go quickly, let it snap the round in place on its own, keep your hand off the slide when it goes forward to load the round. When I first got my .45 I was using the slide like I would a slide shotgun, keeping my hand on the slide both backward and forward,and it jammed repeatedly, not loading the shell properly for the first shot. If it jams any other way send it back to high point and they'll fix it in a jiffy.
  5. It would be nice if everything in life worked the way it was supposed to, but that is not how it goes.

    Most of the pistols work fine, a few have to be fine tuned.

    You can always send it back to the factory and let them fix it for you.

    Are you sure limp wristing is not a factor? You can shoot other pistols and not realize that you limp wrist, and it will cause a problem with Hi Point pistols.

    Let us try to help you. That is what we are here for. Well, that and to argue with each other ;)
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    Me too. I took mine out for a CCW class and talked it up then had 4 jams in 20 rounds. It was always while firing, not loading. I have been shooting since I enlisted in 1980. I carried a 1911 in the Army for 5 years and never scored under expert, so I think my shooting style is OK. The only factor was it was a cold day. These things are a pain to clean, and I get the impression they don't like us disassembling them much, or it would discuss cleaning and tear down better.I like the guns, I have 2 and was looking at another, but am now concerned. My 45 s about a year old. Are the kinks worked out on these? Am I to expect trouble with my 40?