case for my new c9?

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    OK all
    Still working on collecting new accessories for my now 1 week old C9. I got my Fobus holster in the mail and it's pretty good. It's a great holster to wear, but not to store the gun for quick access at home. I'll probably pick up one of the Crossman holsters. The one that came with my c9 is pretty bad, so I want something different. Here's my question...Anyone got good leads on cases? I'm looking for a basic case case that will hold one pistol and maybe a spare mag. Nothing fancy, but everything I'm finding online is more to ship the case than actually buying it. All suggestions are welcome, and thanks again!
  2. "the force is strong with you skywalker" sorry about that, but i couldn't help it.. :D welcome to the forum..

    try they have mulitple cases.. be careful because you will find yourself "finding something else you'll need" from that site.. good prices, and fast delivery..

  3. Check walmart or your local gun store. You may find what you need without paying shipping, but with gas like it is, shipping may be a better deal in the long run.
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    i got one that holds the c9 and two mags pretty well on sale at dick's for 4.99 [normally 9.99].
  5. I just ordered this one here at $4.97 plus $3.49 for shipping.

    They also have double sided ones for $11.97 plus $5.49 shipping.

    But you can always find others on there, or My wife is studying law enforcement so she was pretty hard on "it has to be a case designed for guns". I bought a safe for home, the case for transport to the range, and a holster at the range.
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    I just went to Midways' site to order one of the cases. I think I will wait and find one without having it shipped. :evil: They are crazy with their shipping and other charges.
    $5.99 for the case
    3.00 special handling charge :roll: :evil:
    7.60 shipping
    $16.59 total. That is rediculous . $17.00 is not bad for a case but $10.60 just for shipping & special handling is about stupid.
  7. why is it that some folks get a nice case from the factory and some get a cardboard box? all i got was the cardboard box, twice, from 2 different dealers. i feel cheated! wwhaaaaaaa........o.k., i feel better now!
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    Good question I was under the impression that pretty much all hi-point pistols that were sold now came w/ a case (new guns of course), b/c I heard used guns or guns purchased a couple years back, you recieved the cardboard box treatment...LOL...
  9. I purchased my C9 in March 06 and it came with the HP hard case. The shop also had C9's in the cardboard box, difference in price was $10 more for hardcase & C9. According to the dealer, the suppliers get C9's in both hard case and cardboard and send them out based on dealer request or what they have available in inventory to ship at the time the order was placed.
  10. I have a C9, a JCP40 and a JHP45 and all came in the white cardboard boxes.

    Of course I ordered them all off of gunbroker, and maybe the selling gunshop swiped the cases, who knows these days?
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    Found one! Was at Agri Supply today and found a plano case that holds gun and one mag for $7. They also had the small triangular box for $5. Thanks all!
  12. When I bought a new 380 for my wife not too long ago I was offered the weapon in a cardboard box or for 7 bucks more I could get the plastic case. I of coarse paid the 7 bucks. Nice case for the money. Made a nicer presintation as well.
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    I found out we can buy them from HP according to an email I received from Shirley Deeb.
    "Our sales division should be able to answer your question.

    Here is the contact information for them:

    Hi-Point Firearms Sales & Marketing

    8611-A N. Dixie Dr.
    Dayton, OH 45414

    Phone: 937-454-0363
    Fax: 937-454-0503
    Toll free: 877-425-4867

    Please visit our factory website at You can purchase your accessories online or call our toll-free number if you prefer talking to a person. Watch for our new website it is currently under construction.

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    Man...EVERY HP I've bought came in the cardboard box.

    I feel screwed :cry: I want a pretty HP plastic box.

    Then again, I also want a puppy.
  15. that link doesn't work...
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    Ok, P7196, How much were they?
    How about a plastic case for my 995? (Came in a BIG cardboard box.)
  17. Mine came with a beautiful white recyclable box. I bought a plane the next day for $4 at my local sporting goods store. A week later I bought a Taurus pt92 in stainless from my local shop + a Beretta case made for the p92. IT'S AS IF THE CASE WAS MADE FOR MY GUN OR SOMETHING!!!!! Must have something to do with it being made on Beretta's equipment in Brazil.
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    That she didn't say. I was going to check tomorrow and see how much and pick up a couple. Then I might recycle my wonderful white cardboard box.