Case head separation in my 995 today

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    A few years ago, I picked up some gun-show reloads (reassured about the attention to detail, more checks than manufactures, yadda yadda). For years I've been plinking this stuff with no problem....until today.

    I had brought out my 995 in its ATI stock since it hasn't had much of a workout. Loaded it up, fired a couple magazines, then one round seemed extra...smoky. Little puff of warmth over my hand, smoke from most openings, so I let it clear a bit, did a brief check, and resumed firing a number of additional magazines.

    Only later, while sweeping brass, did I find an impressive (to me, anyway) tube that had once been my case. A short search later, I found the case head as well, neatly removed. I'm not sure the Hi-Point even was raring for more!
  2. I wonder how the body of the case ejected without the base?

    Glad to hear nothing or no one was hurt

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    it probably split off as it was being extracted and the case body already had outward momentum.
  4. dude. I was about to make a thread later, I had a case go boom in my .40 w/ hand loads friday. Scared the piss out of me(and I had to sit through ccw class with big black marks on my hands from the powder burning). I may post pix, but the head came off and was ejected, case was mushroomed down the feed ramp. The pressure caused a problem with the mag release for some reason. I field stripped it and fixed that issue and kept shooting.
  5. case head seperation happens from time to time with reloads because the brass has become weak. The case head takes a lot of pressure as a round is fired, so when the brass gets weak that is where straight wall rimless brass tends to fail. I refuse to reload .40S&W for guys who own that caliber, especially using range pickup brass.

    Besides the .40S&W I will not reload .30 carbine, .38 Super and 10mm using range pick up brass. These rounds are really high pressure rounds and if you have a weak piece of brass it could ruin a gun or cause injury when the case head separates from the case.
  6. granted .40 is pretty high pressure but I tend to only rarely do max loads, generally they're all pretty mild. When I do hot ones I always use first time reload brass.