Cash in your BOB ?

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    Has anyone ever put any thought of having some cash in thier GHB or BOB. I was thinking it may be a sensible addition and have stowed 200 bucks in 10s & 20s into a film case marked with green paint on the bottom for identification. I was thinking in a get home bag, it could be used for anything from taxi service ( reimbersing someone for a ride ) to getting a hotel if you forgot/ lost your wallet.
    Also, I was thinking about having a secondary set of photo ID's in my BOB incase I forget to grab my wallet in the rush out the door.
    Any ideas weather this is a sensible addition or am I just being over the top again ? :shock:
  2. Smaller bills too dude. If society collapses, not a lot of people will have change... so you might be faced with giving someone a $10 bill for a $1 loaf of bread, and not getting change because he doesn't have any. I'd also throw in some silver.

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    Hey, it's a Get-Home-Bag. If you think it will help you get home, then hell yes, it's sensible!
  4. yup, I keep some laid back in there. not enough at this point though.

    Small bills are king, and don't forget simple change, especially for a get me home bag. Who knows, a pay phone could be your only contact to home in some situations.
  5. yup got 50bux in my survival kit!!!! Would hate to get to town and not have money for a cab or have to pass up a Burger King when I have not ate in 2 or 3 days lol
  6. Any houses for sale in your area? I haven't seen a $1 loaf of bread in a long time, more like $2 and some change.

    Some cash is a good idea.
  7. Got one for $0.89 at Save-A-Lot. And don't forget, in SHTF/TEOTWAWKI, prices on a lot of items will drop drastically because a large portion of the money supply will disappear (most banks don't even have 1% of their customers net worth on hand; in some cases its a fraction of 1%. Money that exists in computers might as well not exist in SHTF/TEOTWAWKI).
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    If anything, the price of bread would SKYROCKET! Most likely, your money would be worthless, in the type of situation you're talking about. In the event of an economic disaster, people would rather trade in cigarettes and toilet paper, than "money".

    Most likely, folks would be doing this:


    The the U.S. dollar is Fiat money which literally means it's not worth ANYTHING besides a theoretic value. It used to be backed up by gold, meaning that it could be traded in at will, for a certain amount of gold. Now, money is literally not worth the paper it's printed on, in the event of economic crisis.

    Keeping some silver, or some other commodity (even toilet paper or cigarettes) is a much safer bet, than cash.
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    Paper money is wise to have in it. But I don't keep it in the bag. On the Top of the bag was the Makers Logo on a patch I slit the threads on the bottom and used the self adhesive Velcro. Put the paper in a resealable zip lock bag. And added some PMs Mainly a few Silver Eagles. And one or two gold.
    Lets face it in a SHTF not everyone is interested in paper.

    I would not add gold now. The price is way to high.
    My eagles are worth 3X what I paid for them. Too bad I don't have a bunch.
    Each coin has its own wrapper and they are individual so I never need to show them all.
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    Absolutely true. In a true breakdown, money will become worthless and society will fall back to barter based on fundamental necessities. In some areas SALT would be worth more than all the money in the world. For others it could be antibiotics, or grain. Regardless, it will be some fundamental necessity.

    Now, for a localized emergency cash would be a great thing to have as the situation would be much different - local/regional and temporary (even though possibly somewhat long-term). Considering how much core necessities are likely to skyrocket in price, you'd still be better off stocking those instead - at least to the extent reasonably possible.
  11. Most barter items are pointless in a get home situation. In the first 72 hours after any emergancy, money will still be king. After that, assuming totoal social/economic collapse, it will lose value very very fast. So yes, cash in your GHB is a good idea.
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    Do realize that rare materials (silver / gold / diamonds / etc) is still only one more step in the "social breakdown" chain. First, paper money will become worthless because it is not backed by a government. However, if it does actually get to that point it wouldn't take much more stress to push people past "I don't care about these chunks of heavy, shiny metal - I am just trying to survive!"

    While I think silver and gold, etc is a good idea to keep in there along with your regular money, also think about the basics (even small stuff like salt, medicine, ammo, tools, etc) that could be bartered with, as stated.

    I remember back in elemtary school we would do land run reinactments. A few of the smart kids (including me, haha) would just spraypaint rocks and bricks gold and silver to trade with other kids for for their candy. At the time, they probably thought they were getting something pretty cool. Many people who ended up with those "nuggets" started to realize that they were useless, and would try to dump them for candy or even toys. However, by then it was too late and at the end of the day those "gold nuggets" were nothing more than shiny, heavy, useless rocks.
  13. Most things I've read on survival break it down into three stages:

    Initial post-disaster: Money rises in value, due to scarce amounts.

    Several months to several years: Money declines, precious metals take precedence.

    Several years+: Precious metals decline, barter rises.
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    Ah, gotcha. Didn't think there would be that big of a gap!