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  1. It’s been a long time since my last visit to this forum, for which I apologize, but what with maintaining my small arsenal, dealing with prolonged RA flares, plus my job – and that has left me severely fatigued, due to the RA – there’s been very little time or ambition for me to socialize.

    That said, the best I can muster for an update is all that’s new. Two more weapons have been added to the collection: a smaller .45 of Brazilian manufacture and an AK-47 of Serbian origin. I also purchased a Hi-Point 995TS which is now sitting at my FFL dealer’s place. When he called in to NICS this past Tuesday, they told him I couldn’t have the weapon until 8 August. For what reason, I haven’t a clue. If there had been anything negative in my background, it would have prevented the previous acquisitions. Or maybe they think I have too many weapons for an old man.

    Anyway, the FFL dealer has also been my instructor and range officer. He is a seasoned expert and has insisted that I target practice every weekend. He knows best and it has been a great blessing, because he also has a small personal range up against a well-wooded hillside…..lessening the chances of stray rounds.

    The Brazilian turned out to be the one with the kick and I’m still making efforts to get it under total control. Instructor has told me that I’m ready to carry and this will be the weapon for that purpose. The AK has less kick than anticipated and the sights are well-aligned. Ammunition is also less expensive, which is helpful at my pay scale. Am expecting this weekend routine to continue with a 2-3 week break in September while he goes west to hunt.

    Afterward, there’s fired round accounting to be completed and the ever-necessary weapons cleaning. The latter is the real chore. Prior to getting the JHP, I hadn’t cleaned a weapon since 1973. I put a lot of time and materials into cleaning and I don’t set the weapon down until it sparkles, patches coming out clean. The day I’m dreading most is when I have to disassemble the weapons. I used to be able to take an M-60 apart in 7 seconds, but I don’t harbor any illusions about my current ability. I’m afraid that once reassembled, I’ll be left with some spare parts.

    I’ve also become a member of NRA, but after some research, it appears they’re a bit weak-kneed when it comes to taking a firm stand against all the gun grabbers’ attempts. Will likely not renew my membership next year.

    So that’s where things are at. I came here originally for knowledge and tips from all you experts. There’s still a lot I need to learn and I hope that all of you will educate me.
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    Welcome Back FREE!!!

    :welcome: Back! :D

    PS Edit: You should review Hi Point's cleaning recommendations, they are quite infrequent...
    Could be a big help for you, giving more time to the less robust weapons :D

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    RA is no fun, sorry to hear about the flareups. NICS - I could write a book! Worked in a gun shop for a while and never did figure out some of their calls. Wrong-side-o-the-bed syndrome, me thinks. Congrats on the NRA, but if you don't want them calling for donations once a week, get an unlisted number!! BTW, sometime you feel well enough, fill me in on VT carry laws. Sounds way different than PA.

    An M60 in 7?!! [email protected], you was good. Welcome home, soldier.
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    I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I fill out the gun form? I just know that one day, my FFL is going to say something like, " your on hold" or you were "denied"?
    It's like they finally caught up with me!
    It's like somebody will discover just how many guns I really have?

    I once was asking for a home owners insurance quote. The agent asked me if I had an excessive amount of guns on the property.
    I asked him to "DESCRIBE" excessive?
    He said "never mind"!
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    Anybody over the age of 16 can own, OC or CC a hand gun. No permit needed. No asking permission. Nothing. Doesn't matter if resident or not. Keeps street crime down when everyone from a High School Sophomore to a Great Grandmother has the potential to blow your head off.
  6. LOL and exactly right, cicpup! But it ain't like the liberals in government here haven't made stealth attempts to introduce firearms restrictions. For the most part, they're fearful of the political backlash, so they're stuck with attempts to brainwash non-owners. It works on those. Back in the '90s, I was standing in line to vote and overheard some guy in his 20s telling a friend that we needed gun control because "more people died from guns then any other reason." I turned, and asked him where he was getting his information, then told him I'd just concluded research and the FBI stats for the previous year showed that far more people died from poisoning or knives then all firearms related deaths. Then I suggested he stop being lazy and look it up for himself. Sure kept him silent after that.
  7. So what you're saying is you haven't been very free. :p
  8. When one has to qualify a response, it isn't good. But sadly and contrary to my online monicker, freedoms in Vermont are somewhat limited compared to the past in my lifetime; more so since the original founding of the first true republic in North America, the Republic of Vermont, in 1777. But one can only take care of one's own backyard, and to that end I resist wherever I can, such as: my current medical condition qualifies me as an official "disabled person," able to receive certain perks and park in handicap zones. However, in order to use those zones, one must apply to the state of Vermont for a handicap license plate or placard by submitting a doctor's statement on a form. That allows the state to add my personal data to their records, but also means that I'm not handicapped unless the government says so, and I refuse to accede to that power assertion, even though it costs me in several ways. That's just one of the means of resistance.

    I've been to Bury St. Edmunds in 1973. Went to an open air market there and bought a Beatles album. Nice place. Are you active duty or formerly with Her Majesty's Forces?
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  9. News about the languishing Hi-Point 995TS:

    When I went for target practice this morning, my FFL dealer said he got a call from NICS yesterday, and the caller told him not to make me wait on the the weapon any longer. "Give him the gun today."
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    He's one of OURS, not "RAF" :p
    Showin' them damn Limey's How It's Done!!! :D
  11. Huh??? You mean he's American stationed in England?
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    He is USAF not RAF, lots of joint bases over there.
  13. Yup, USAF. I'm American, born and raised in Minnesota.
    Stationed at RAF Feltwell, one of the ten joint bases we got in the UK. I live off-base in Bury St. Edmunds.
  14. Been there, flyboy. It's a pretty country. Reminded me a lot of New England.
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  15. Probably why they named it after England. :p
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    I spent 3 yrs at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge back in the 80's working with A-10's. Had tons of bloke buddies over there. Loved the place. Visited several bases over there on private missions from my Wing Commander. The weather could tend to suck from time to time. I remember one year we didn't see the sun for 20+ days. Attitudes went to crap base wide. Weird :foilhat:
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    Glad you are feeling better and are officially cleared for your gun! Have fun
  18. Love your signature, Outlaw. Back when I lived in Lompoc, California, during the mid-1970s, had a lot of friends who were stationed at Vandenburg and they said the motto was "Peace is our profession.....War is just a hobby."