Caught my first shaaaak

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    71E36C45-5D51-4121-81D5-27D08F7E4CFF.jpeg 2AC3E9CF-3F2C-4295-848A-7C0B3C3D06B5.jpeg Late November casting off the beach SW Florida I caught my first shark.
    Ok it’s a baby but it still a shark.
    Thought (wrong) that it was protected so after much wrangling tossed it back.
    Like grabbing a grown man by the forearm, just muscle. Probably 2.5 feet tip to nose.
    Had trouble holding it down with one hand as I was trying to get the hook out.
    Nothing special as far as rigs: White Walmart Special $29.95, Shorty is a pawnshop score for $15 to catch the bait fish and black taller one is also a pawnshop score for $40 including reel.
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    NE Utah
    And it took you two months to tell us?:confused:

    But really...that's cool. Some people say shark is good eats, I have no idea. My SIL caught one about that size on the Texas coast, he threw it back as well.
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    He was banned till like a week ago. Didn't you notice he was gone?
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  4. I personally am not a fan of shark. No flavor. If you want flavor you have to marinate it. Even then it only tastes like whatever you marinate it in. I've tried cooking it myself and I've tried it at a beachside restaurant. I really wanted to like it too because, hey, it's shark. How cool is that?
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    Yeah next time I’m gonna grill that little sucker.
    Alledgedly only the baby ones are good to eat as larger gets contaminated with heavy metals and whatnot as they’re an apex predator.
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  6. Send it to Donald instead.
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    Shark is fantastic if it's fresh. Any I've had from a store or restaurant around here- no bueno. But when I've had it within a few hours of being caught on the east coast- very good!
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    I imagine the big ones contain mercury. Nasty stuff, I had a friend get mercury poisoning from a tuna he caught...pretty scary! Poor baby shark never stood a chance against the expert fishermen that is Swag! Did you dazzle it with your good looks? HP forum Swagz is pretty handsome
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  10. If you have eaten "sea scallops" odds are you have eaten shark.... :D
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    Swaga , what beach you fishing at? If you're going to eat shark a small black tip is a good choice.
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    I was at Panama City Beach about a week after Katrina. Stood at the edge of the water almost between two buildings. It was pretty strange; there was a shelf maybe 6-8 inches wide where the water was ankle deep and then it abruptly dropped off to 3-4 feet deep. The water was calm, and there were fish swimming back and forth. When I looked closer I realized that those fish were sharks. Occasionally a stingray would cruise by, too.

    That was a pretty wild trip. A friend of mine had bought a custom, kick-only 1977 Superglide with a high compression S&S engine on ebay. It was in PCB, and when he heard about all the shenanigans after Katrina he got worried about it and asked me to help him go get it. So we gathered up all the gas cans we could find, filled them and put them and some camping gear into his truck and headed that way.
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    Don't worry I'm not trying to steal your "shark hole", I can walk out my back door hop in my boat and be in Pine Island sound in 15 mins, Boca Grand pass in 30 mins. I've been a avid fisherman in swfl for over 20yrs and was going to suggest some other beach spots that hold some large sharks.
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    I have caught a few while fishing offshore for grouper.

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    Skate actually.
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    Did all the tiny ball bearings give it away...?

    Inquiring eldar
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    3F116137-2BFC-4CDD-A46C-1D1021A67D74.jpeg 94880D2F-8F09-4071-A959-8B4452BA1E94.jpeg 1C9D2D32-5D6B-4996-9142-2E4D54B48918.jpeg

    Caught another sharky about 10 min after getting to the beach today.
    Drew quite a crowd with a lot of kids so I nursed that one back into the water. Around 5pm just about ready to pack up and go home caught my second one for the day and decided to keep this one. Drew another crowd.
    Couldn’t get the hook out so decided to grill this puppy. It had some fight in him.
    Ended up with 10 shark steaks.
    Had my first shark steak ever tonight.
    Is pure muscle so very lean meat.
    Very light flavor.
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