Caught The .308 Bug

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  1. Well I think I have come down with the .308 bug.... My neighbor donated about 100 rounds of .308 brass to me the other day for me to reload. Since I do not have anything that takes that caliber I find myself on a new mission. I have been doing a lot of thinking about a Century Arms Stainless reciever Cetme. They can be had for about $400-$600(NIB), and are a pretty cool design being recoil operated, not gas. Heres a pic I pirated off I really like the look of this setup although the owner deff. has some money tied up in it. Well Anyway jus wanted to throw this idea out there to see if there are any owners or people who know a bit more about this firearm..... :)
  2. In the mid 80's I had a H&K91 and absolutly loved the gun, and the caliber, but being young and foolish I traded the then $600 rifle for a 1970 Firebird. I still loose sleep over that trade, especially when I see a pic of one on the net or the price of an H&K today.

    My dad hunted with nothing but a .308 for about 20 years, he reloaded thousands of rounds for the caliber, and took many a deer with a Remington 742 Woodsmaster .308 and his home cooked reloads.


  3. Very nice rifles BUT fluted chambers.

    What that means is that the chambers of the CETMEs are very rough on the brass.

    So if you are buying the CETME with the plan on reloading all your ammo, you may be disappointed in the ability to reload the brass after shooting it.

    Some people have luck but for the most part, its been said that the fluted chambers of the CETME bang up the brass to the point where its not worth reloading.
  4. Yea I've done some reading bout that and your right.... seems it likes to dent the heck outta the case when ejecting.... But if I do get one I'll prolly shoot long distances and not very much in one sitting.... So shooting strickly reloads won't be entirely neccessary... I have seen some some what decent deals on Lithiuanian surplus .308... 400 rounds for $200.. HA somewhat decent prices what the hell am I talkin about !! Sad how much the price of ammo has gone up but oh well... Gotta pay to play :)
  5. i'd love to have one(pref not a century tho), if not for the reloading problem.

    I'm really quite happy with my rem 700 SPS Tactical. Its got a mueller 50 obj mil dot recticle scope and I got an upgrade(long story) to the H*S Precision stock from a 700P. I swapped out the new "x-mark"(aka: X-crap) trigger for an old style 700 trigger that was pretuned to a nice median weight. When I do my part it easily punches a ragged hole at 100 yards. Only drawback to the 20" tactical version is the more considerable drop at 300+ yards.
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    You might explore Saiga's line of semi auto 308s ;multiple choices out there for the 308.
  7. ^ dang right. Good choice there. I'd like to pick up one myself.