Cavalry Arms raided by BATFE

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    Yep, so I guess the ATF decided that Cavalry Arms in Gilbert, AZ either was laundering money or committing FFL crimes (nobody is sure yet, including the ATF) and as such the shop was raided this afternoon and hundreds of firearms confiscated...
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    LOL you posted while I was writing my post.

    Here is the info from the other post

    Just saw on the local news. Cavalry Arms here in the Phoenix area was raided by the ATF today for violating some undisclosed federal laws. Click on the video link labled ATF raids Gilbert gun shop. It looks like Elguapo's girl might be in some trouble [ame][/ame]

  3. You guys want to delete one of them? Should I? Let me know what you want to do.

    Sucks about Calvary Arms... Elguapo's gonna have to get a new girlfriend...
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    Love the comment from the one guy they spoke to: "they had to have done something" :roll:

    ...if only that was true.

    Hopefully this is in response to a real issue and not some strong-arm tactics as an action like this will destroy any business.
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    Primal, just delete the other post.
  7. Looks like the video titled "Shocking video linked to Valley gun raid" on the same page- -would be a cause for this.............cant offend the jihadists ya know
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    Now I cant sleep! :evil:

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    Just plain Idiotic! What ever happened to 1st ammendment anyway? If THAT was the reason It's stupid.
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    I totally agree with you. Why must everyone get special treatment just because you got offended. If you find that offensive, I have a perfect solution for you...DON'T SHOP THERE!!! Then tell your circle of friends not to shop there because of the offensive (to some) stand on a subject. Who knows, maybe the business will lose money and not make the same mistake again. Personally, I don't think that the ad was offensive, but that is speaking for me; not you, not your family, nor your group of people you associate with. I Gauran-damn-tee you, simple economics work. If a business starts to lose money, they will change the way they do business. :x

    There was a flash game that was posted a while back about shooting "Mexicans" crossing the border. I being of Mexican heritage took a slight offense to it, but did I call for it to be banned? Hellz No!!! Why? Because I can take it and dish it out. Guess what? I even played it and laughed and sent it to my "Vato" cousins who thought it was some funny S---. Who cares if you get made fun of? We all do at some point. If you don't like the game, Don't play it. Simple. Easy. And if a business is not to your likeing, take your money and business someplace else.

    IMHO, the word "entitlement" has ruined this country. We are not entitled to Jack-Mama! Take responsibility for yourself. We don't need the government to be our mommies and daddies if someone calls us names.

    Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me....
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    I hope someone starts a jihad against political correctness.
  12. Its a shame when the only group in America these days that can be made fun of without having to kiss their butts afterwards is the white male.

    Ethnic groups that run around with a chip on their shoulders need to get a grip.

    I do not get offended when the white race or christians are made fun of, humor comes in many different styles.

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    Lots of threads going on over at ARFCOM about this. They're running a CavAid 2008 sale for their lowers (much cheaper than most other lowers and with a phenomenal warranty). Help CavArms out and buy some of their stuff. If this goes anything like some of the other BATF raids on "the good guys" they'll sure need the money.

    Buy from HERE and 100% of the profit goes to CavArms.
  15. I think I missed something. What does it appear they did to offend?
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    We don't know. You see, the BATF, unlike other Law Enforcement organizations, has the right to withhold a warrant from public record for an indefinite amount of time at their discresion. It could be a random audit, or they could be acting on an actual violation. Heck, they could even be acting on a RUMOR of a violation. We as a public body just don't know. But, as with most media outlets, drama sells adspace and who cares if they're innocent or guilty or whether or not they have the right to a fair trial: They sell guns, therefore, they must be evil and a threat. Period.

    And when exceptions to the rule like this occur, it only reinforces my political party stance :twisted:
  17. That's bs... saying making of Jihad is making fun of Islamics is like saying making fun of Nazi's is making fun of Germans. Sheesh.
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    Except that the entire religion is based on "Jihad"...

    Making fun of Nazis isn't making fun of Germans, but making fun of Germans WOULD be making fun of Nazis...