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I buy a lot of my reloading stuff from either Red Eye or American reloading. I bought 5000 Ginex small pistol primers from American on sale for $349. included shipping and Hazmat. I thought this was a great price given current conditions. I told a friend and he ordered the same then sold 1/2 to his buddy. Saturday my friend Rick and I went to the range and ran drills where it's not unusual to go through 300-500 rounds each. We just started a new drill called the Devil Drill (if you're curious YouTube Wilson Combat devil drill) and my custom 1911 kept failing to fire causing me to take it to the ready room and tear it down to check it. While I was gone Rick and another member tried running the drill only for Rick to have the same problems with his Glock 19. The common denominator was the Ginex primers. I had mentioned to Rick that I ran into some issues with these not wanting to seat in my Dillon Press and having to move over to my Lee challenger to seat them all the way and he agreed having the same Dillon as me.
In fairness to American they have a disclaimer on all these off brand products. I've purchased Russian primers called Muron and had no issues with 5000 of them and Fiocchi have been decent as well. Before Covid I never used anything but CCI and now I'm going to have to order some and save these Ginex for my Carbine. Sometimes you really do get what you paid for!
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