CBS did it again!

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  1. just cause I know several people here like it I thought I'd be the one to break the bad news. CBS canceled Jericho. Again. Next week is the last one. :x
    It does sould like maybe it'll be shopped around
  2. AndrewST

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    I am sure Fox will pick it up. Fox will show anything on television.

  3. i was sick when babylon 5 was canceled. i know the feeling.
  4. possibly sci fi channel they already have the first season
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    We knew it was coming after the dismal ratings it recived. The crappy writing for the second season pretty much killed it. We wanted to watch a survival drama not another political BS show.

  6. Jettster

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    Sci-fi has been running it, maybe they'll pick it up like they did Stargate when HBO killed it. They've been running Jericho marathons every week or so. They don't need the same ratings as CBS.
  7. Another reason I love Sci-Fi channel!
  8. Saw this coming. Disappointing yet not surprising.
    Oh well.
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    I'm glad you mentioned it because I didn't want to ruffle anyone's feathers on this. I know what it's like to have someone piss on my favorite show. But I, too, was disappointed by the writing. It seemed too much like a soap opera to me. I bailed after the second episode.

    Too bad. I was hoping for something like Red Dawn or The Day After.

    Too bad.

    And I feel sorry for the fans of the show.
  10. Im sad but not surprised. Hopefully somebody will pick it up.
  11. I just started watching it when it came on the SciFi channel. I recorded a bunch of episodes and finally watched them last weekend when it rained so much. Having grown up and lived in small towns most of my life, I can relate a little bit to the personalities you have in most small towns. I expected a little more of a survivalist type show, but it seems they threw the romance hook in to get women to watch. It doesn't look to have high production costs so it may have a fair chance of being picked up.
  12. they will probably ruin any future it has tonight
  13. Well, just finished watching the series finale of Jericho.
    It left me wanting more. Even though it did wrap up SOME plot lines, it leaves the future quite open for the several factions of what was left of the old US.
    Ah well, maybe the story will continue in SOME form.
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    It's called FAN FICTION.

    Write up your own story lines using the shows characters. Write up a story about how Major Beck takes his troops, joins the Texas Republic and establishes an outpost in the Jericho / New Bern area to counter the effects of the Jennings & Rall government in Cheyenne. (They get resupplied by air drop from Texas, of course.)

    Write up a story line that gets Hawkins home to his family after infiltrating his way through the Allied States of America back to Jericho.

    Start a story line about the Jericho Rangers keeping the peace in and around the Jericho area.

    Have Jericho and New Bern renew their blood feud after Major Beck and his men leave the area to strike at the ASA government mercenaries.

    The possibilities are freaking endless. Anyone that can come up with the mods that we have for the 995/4095 carbine has a lot of imagination. Let's use our imaginations a little and see what we can come up with. 8) :shock: 8) :shock: 8) :shock:
  15. Yeah, thats what I was kind of getting at, just not in as many words.
  16. here is an update:

    'Jericho' May Return From the Ashes

    Jericho, the CBS television series that was canceled because of low ratings, then revived following protests from fans, then canceled again because of low ratings, may be revived a second time, the New York Times reported today (Monday). The newspaper said that CBS may follow NBC's recent example with Friday Night Lights in which it sold the DirecTV satellite service the right to air the series before it goes on network TV. The Times said that CBS is considering a similar option in negotiations with cable provider Comcast. Meanwhile, although DirecTV executives have expressed confidence that the Friday Night Lights deal could drive new subscribers to their service, some analysts are expressing skepticism about its ability to do so and forecasting that the DirecTV episodes will wind up being pirated on the Internet.
  17. Well, this should be interesting.