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    What do you think?
  2. The problem is, that was not real life. In real life thousands of firearm carriers defend others, and themselves.

    It appears that the students were trained to shoot, but not practical shooting from concealed. And then they dressed them in attire they knew would hinder drawing.

    Another anti gun piece by the lame stream media.

  3. Rerun

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    Plus, they are wearing GLOVES!

    ABC has purposely TARFU'd this 'demonstration'.

    *shaking my head*

  4. Yes they did, and they looked like gripper gloves, which would hang up on clothing.
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    I saw that piece (of crap) over a year ago. It looked like everyone had something hanging up when they tried to draw. Gripper gloves and a loose, thin cotton shirt will cause all kinds of problems. Setting people up to fail proves only that their so-called expert who geared them up is either incompetent, or he sucks as a consultant. He could also just not know what he is doing.

    He probably is one of the people in charge of training programs that teach officers to shoot themselves when they draw and reholster and to effectively hit everything around their targets.
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    it was staged to make those that want to conceal carry look stupid and unprepared, which is who they used for the demonstrations
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    ABC is a ship of fools. Damn them all.
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    I see stupid people :rolleyes:
  9. ABC has always done everything they can to promote gun control and their anti gun agenda, ever since the "Guns of Autumn" anti hunting "documentary".

    I don't watch ABC for those exact reasons. But thanks for posting.
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    I've seen this video and others that try to portray the same type of crap.
    The entire scenario is staged to fail. Take someone who is familiar with not only the weapon but also the holster and how to carry it, and you will change the outcome. They also fail to show that had there been 4-5 people in the room that were CC, they shooter(s) would have been stopped quickly. You will always have casualties, the issue is in how many you are willing to have.

  11. So,......

    Riddle me this. How is it that we Yankees can adequately defend ourselves, especially in the middle of winter? The simple answer is the smart ones among us train for those types of conditions.

    I am a 99% CCer. IOW there is a less than 1% chance of me not carrying a firearm whether it is -20, pr 100+ degrees outside. I ain't saying it wasn't set up to create failure as a desired result. All it did was highlight a training issur to those who are in the know about such things. God knows, that was my first thought when i first saw this years ago, and i took it as a training lesson.

    As I said above, this is a training issue above all else. It would have shown a totally different result if one or two of the LEOs present had been the CCer in the drill, or if they had gotten some well trained civilians in that day.

    What this did is not just make it seem that all who CC are living in a dream world to those who have a slight left lean in the belief system, but it also opened some eyes out there up to a basic fact. Most state's CHL training is less than what the test subjects received. If the untrained can of cling peaches out there is going to suck it, how epicly will an under trained individual fail when they have to make the call? Sometimes a little bit of training (NY's 6 hours of class room time on average, and no follow up training for instance) is far worse than no training at all. That is demonstrated perfectly in this video, regardless of the source.

    As to the source it's self, I remember a Video during a news segment in the early 90s (Also ABC) in which they showed a bullet fire from an "Assault Rifle" in 5.56 mm almost disintegrating a cannonball water melon. A later report, call it an early version of Mythbusters, tried to replicate it with a 5,56, 55gr. FMJ out of an AR and couldn't. What it took was a 115 gr. JHP out of an M9 pistol.

    ABC is a Disney product. We all know their stance on 2A issues. I watched the channel's latest 2A gem "Young Guns", and it did have some validity to some of it's claims and questions when it comes to kids and guns. My issue with the program was their "facts" when it came to the numbers. The premise was sound in that it may be a good idea to teach your kids early on what guns are and safe handling. i know for a fact that it is, as is raising them right. However, what about your kid's friends? How about the houses your kid goes to? Can you say for a fact that the only firearms not locked up are the home carry guns at those houses? Do the friends know the don't touch rules?

    Since she started shooting with me at age 9 I have trusted my daughter with my supervision to safely handle a firearm. By age 13 she had her shotgun and rifle in her room, locked up of course, and a spare key to her mother's and mine as well. Do any of her friends know about the spare keys or even that she has her own in said room, even now at 18 YOA? Maybe 2 of them, but I doubt it past that.

    Sometimes we need to look past the anti-2A message that is being sent, and look for some common sense inspiration buried within said message. In the case of this video, I feel that message is get the right training, and never stop getting training and practicing what you have been taught. Also, plan for the WCS. If you live in a colder climate, practice with heavy clothes that are on the large side and gloves. I doubt that the goblin will let you take off your gloves and clear your shirt and jacket out of the way if you ask permission before you shoot him.Train, keep training, learn more, practice until you get it right under stress, and them practice until you can't get it wrong on your worst day. IOW, Muscle Memory.
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    My point about the gloves was that ABC intentionally made things more difficult for the CCW person to draw their weapon for self defense purposes.

    They were INDOORS where gloves are not necessary.

    As far as wearing gloves in colder climes, I have lived a number of years in the 'North', in States like PA, NJ, MD, VA, and WV, and have experienced the need to wear gloves.

    The gloves I wore had a slit in the palms that allowed me to withdraw my fingers from the glove and properly manipulate the Safety, and Trigger of my chosen self defense weapon.

    The ABC video didn't allow the participants the choice of glove wear.

    And, as Walkingwolf stated, even the clothing that was worn was designed to defeat the CCW'er.

  13. I saw this a while ago.

    the thing they foreget.
    The non carriers are in a dream world. What did they do? nothing? they lied there on the floor begging to not be shot. atleast the CC person trys to prepare for their own security.

    That's like telling a prepper they are idiots for storing water, or a banker he is dumb for saving money, after-all there will never be a collapse, and if there is you will die anyway.
  14. I'll give you that Eldar. however, rules of engagement are rules of engagement. The system the used at the time required long sleeve shirts, gloves and a face mask as SOP. Granted, they could have chosen smaller shrts and different glove to do the test. Not saying it wasn't rigged, after all, we are talking about Disney here, but simunition drills do have rules to ensure the safety of the participants.
  15. They could have done the test in a class on laws that would not require special clothing. They knew what they were doing, and made sure they got the outcome they desired. Using a simunition drill class was just a way to setup the students up for failure.
  16. FlashBang

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    Here's a real world scenario for them to test:

    1. Don't let the shooter know who is CC so they can't target them
    2. Have 3-4 people CC and distributed through out the class
    3. Have the CC people dressed as they would normally be dressed
    4. Use people who are familiar with CC and the weapon

    Let the "shooter" come in and do the scenario, I'd wager a bet that the shooter is stopped by one of the CC people and the casualties limited vs no CC people and the whole classroom annihilated.

  17. lklawson

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    This was pretty well annihilated years ago when it first came out. What it boils down to, the Reader's Digest version, is that this was a complete Work. It was deliberately staged to ensure failure of the defender.
    • The "shooter" knew who & where the "defender" was.
    • The "shooter" knew there was only one "defender."
    • The "shooter" has vastly more training and competency than the average real-world shooter (who's usually just a goofball with no actual training or experience)
    • The "defender" has far less training and experience than the average CC holder, many of which have many hours of training as required by their State law.
    • The "defender" was hampered by the "protective" garments (gloves) which prevent any of the standard CC deployment draw techniques commonly taught.
    • The "defender" didn't know when (or even "if" IMS) the "shooter" would enter.

    This was not a "study," it was a propaganda work designed to bolster the anti-gunner's message, preach to the gun-grabbing choir, and sway any fence-sitters by using misinformation and misrepresentation. You know, the usual stuff.

    Peace favor your sword,
  18. bscar

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    It seemed the first person shot after the teacher in all those videos was the CC'er. They were placed dead center of the room each time
  19. Nothing like playing with a stacked deck. But the leftys have always done that... a few of the rightys too, but we know which way
    the demonstration was built to favor...