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I use a shoulder holster for my 9 and 45 but I have the barrel's down other wise with my size it looks like I've got an extra arm out my back

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The biggest quandary for concealed carry is trying to get the biggest caliber into the smallest gun. Unfortunately for me, the C9 is just too big and bulky, and I had to go with something else that's lighter, thinner, shorter, and just generally more compact. That's me. I know some people don't even care about size... and carry a full size 1911. How can they do that? I have enough trouble with my keys.

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How can they do that? I have enough trouble with my keys.
I totally understand, My wife has a bunchof doodadds and thingys hanging from her key chain. Heck I have trouble with my plain Jane key's let alone her's.

And of course when we go for a trip to the store we take her car and guess who drives. And I get to pocket the entangled mess. Yea fun.

So I have a XD9 service and found it difficult to conceal. I have a fobus paddle holster and the handle is not my friend. LOL

Thus I have to put it further back on my bum feels weird but works.

I am looking into an IWB as I have tested the ( stuff the gun down your pants method) and seems it would work just fine as long as I don't have to sit in a low chair.

The C9 takes a back seat. 8 rds vs. 16 rds. and about the same size and weight. No brainer for me.

I do not yet have my CCW still waiting. But do practice so when the time comes I will not be fummbling and find myself unprepared.

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The C9 is just too bulky on my 5'10" 175# frame to comfortably carry concealed, printing is not an issue in SC but I still like a low profile when I carry. Currently I carry a Taurus PT111 M-Pro 9mm using a Fobus paddle holster and it works much better with my body size with a slightly larger size t-shirt as a cover garment.
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